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JHM Supercharger Kit for B6-B7 S4, Stage 1


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Introducing the JHMotorsports Stage 1 B6-B7 S4 Supercharger Kit!!!


This is the same kit that was featured on our in-house, record setting 2005 B6-S4 4.2L that ran an 11.96 quarter mile at 116 mph.



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Audi allroad Supercharger by JHM Motorportss


Our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit for the B6-B7 S4 will make 80 to 100 wheel horsepower over your current configuration. Your current modifications, your dynamometer (dyno) used, temperature, elevation, and octane of gas will all effect the exact amount of power gains. Ultimately, the JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit is limited by the rods and pistons in a stock engine, so our kit is current configuration in Stage 1 allows you to make the maximum amount of power without significantly shortening the life of your motor. Stage 2 and 3 of our JHM Supercharger Kit will make SIGNIFICANTLY more power but will require a BUILT motor to handle the increased power. Please contact us for more information regarding a Built Motor for your B6-B7 S4.


Our Kit features a Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger Head Unit that is good for up to 800 Horsepower! This head unit is a self contained unit featuring quiet, helical cut gears. The only noise you hear from the blower is at idle and low speeds. At wide open throttle, you hear nothing.


The Kit also comes with our JHM Supercharger Mounting Brackets that we designed and made in-house. These brackets are made from reinforced steel, laser cut, and are powder coated black for a clean installation.


In order to insure the longevity and the durability of the belt and pulleys on the S4, when we made this kit we upgraded the belt and pulleys to a 6 rib system with our JHM 6 Rib Accessory Belt Conversion Kit. This Conversion Kit features 3 JHM Supercharger Kit Specific Pulleys including an Alternator Pulley, a precision Counter Balanced Crank Pulley, and a Supercharger Pulley that produces 6 to 6.5 pounds of boost depending on your exhaust system and other modifications. Furthermore, we also include a JHM Belt Tensioner and Rollers.


Due to the compact engine bay of the V8 S4s, we had to locate the Vortech Supercharger Head Unit off of the Passenger side of the motor, below the headlight. To do this, we had to create a number of different proprietary parts including JHM Supercharger Kit Silicone Inlet and Outlet Hoses. The Inlet Hose is made from reinforced Silicone to prevent collapse under vacuum and takes in air through a JHM Supercharger Kit specific, K&N high-flow, conical air filter.


We also include our new JHM Oil Cooler and Auxiliary Radiator Delete Kit to free up room in the engine bay. This kit includes a custom, CNC machined adapter plate that installs behind the alternator and replaces the OEM Water Cooled adapter. This oil cooler kit is thermostatically controlled with a high-quality Mocal 180 degree F thermostat and includes stainless braided hoses with AN fittings, an upgraded Oil Cooler, Mounting Kit for the Cooler, and an upgraded Power Steering Cooler.


- Vortech Superchargers BLOG: "JH Motorsports Uses Vortech Supercharged Boost to Rocket Their Audi S4 into the 11s..." Click here for full article.




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Audi allroad Supercharger by JHM Motorsports


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Audi S4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


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Audi S4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


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Audi S4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


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Audi S4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


- Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger (Good for up to 800 Horsepower)
- Set of JHM Laser Cut Supercharger Mounting Brackets
- JHM 6 Rib Pulley Upgrade and Accessory Belt Conversion Set with a JHM 6 Rib Supercharger Kit Specific Supercharger Pulley, a JHM 6 Rib Supercharger Kit Specific Alternator Pulley, and a JHM 6 Rib Supercharger Kit Specific Precision Counterbalanced Crank Pulley
- Belt Tensioner (with Rollers)
- JHM Single Piece Inlet Hose, Made from Reinforced Silicone
- JHM Single Piece Silicone Outlet Hose
- JHM Supercharger Kit Specific Diverter Valve
- JHM Crankcase Ventilation System
- K&N Conical Air Filter
- JHM Oil Cooler and Auxiliary Radiator Delete Kit
- JHM Specified Injectors with 100% Drop-In Fitment
- JHM Stage 1 Supercharger ECU Tune
- Bosch Spark Plugs, JHM Supercharger Kit Specific Based on the Boost Levels of This Kit as Determined by our Research and Development
- JHM A/C Receiver-Drier Relocation Kit that Relocates the Stock Receiver/Drier and includes New Hoses and JHM Modified A/C Lines for easy, bolt-on fitment
- All bolts, hardware, clamps, and miscellaneous items required for a complete kit


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Audi S4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


- B6-S4 with Manual or Automatic Transmissions: Sedan, Cabriolet, Avant.
- B7-S4 with Manual or Automatic Transmissions: Sedan, Cabriolet, Avant.


Note about Fitment:
B6-B7 S4s with an Automatic/Tiptronic Transmission will require an upgraded Transmission Cooler. If you have an Automatic, please select this from the dropdown below.


Air Conditioning Line Core Charge:
We modify 3 of the 4 AC lines on the car to allow for a clean, bolt-on installation. If you would like, we can ship you our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit with modified AC lines for a core charge (see the dropdown below). Once you install the kit and ship your OEM lines back to us, we refund your core charge. If you do not want to incur this core charge, you can send your AC lines to us in advance for modification. Finally, if you plan on removing the AC system from your car entirely, we can omit these items from our kit and discount your price accordingly. Select your preference from the dropdown below.


AC Lines That Require Modification for Installation of the JHM Supercharger Kit:


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Audi S4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


NOTE: Some Clearancing of Your Vehicle is Required
- The lower quarter of the core support needs to be removed.
- Notching of the bumper support mount points at the frame rail is required.
- Clearancing near the passenger side sway bar mount point is required to accommodate the Silicone Supercharger Inlet Hose.
- On a B7-S4 (2005.5 to 2008), some trimming of the bumper near the factory fog light will be required. In some cases the fog light may need to be shimmed with washers. Even with shimming, it will still fit the factory lower grilles.
- Our kit was originally designed for stock fog light bulbs and stock fog lights on both the B6 and B7 S4. Some aftermarket fog lights may require additional clearancing.


- JHM Oil Cooler Kit: If you have already purchased our JHM Oil Cooler Kit, we can remove these items from your JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit and discount the price accordingly. Select your preference with the dropdown below and provide your Invoice/Order number from your JHM Oil Cooler Kit purchase in the Order Comments at checkout.
- JHM Tuned: If you are already JHM Tuned and have our ECU Calibration for your B6-B7 S4, we will credit you towards the cost of your JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit purchase. Select the option that applies to you and provide your Invoice/Order number from your JHM Tuning purchase in the Order Comments at checkout.
- Flashing Method: With the new, JHM Flashing Server we now have the ability to flash our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger ECU Calibration to your car without removing the ECU. You can either have this done at your local JHM Flashing dealer (Call us for a location near you) OR you can purchase a cable and perform the flash yourself. Select your preference using the dropdown below.





For Flashing Method, select "Flash Myself, SEPARATE POWER CONNECT Cable Purchase Required, CLICK LINK BELOW" if you're going to be buying a cable from us and flashing your car on your own. You'll need to add this option.


and add to your cart after adding the tune, just selecting the option is NOT enough. Make sure you have THOROUGHLY read through the instructions and are confident that you can set your computer up correctly. If you select this option for your tune, you must select a shipping method for your order so we can ship you a JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable. Please select a shipping method once you've added the tuning and the flashing cable to your cart. Instructions for installing the flashing software on your computer will be emailed to you after purchase.


If you already have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable, select "I already have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable." **NOTE: This is a proprietary cable with drivers specific to our Flashing Software so you must make sure that you have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable, NOT just a generic USB Vag Com cable.** After receiving your paid order, we will send you an authorization form which we will use to create your JHM Tuning Flash Browser account and login information. This is the information you will use to access our server and flash your car with the JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable that you already have.

For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.



This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S4 B7 (2005.5-2009) 4.2l V8 40v
Audi S4 B6 (2003-2005) 4.2l V8 40v
Customer Reviews (1)
I purchased the JHM supercharger kit, Cat back, Downpipes, Trio and more.
My car finally feels like how it should have been built from the beginning. The visceral connection is hard to describe, the power is extraordinary, the shifting is incredible, the exhaust note is so sublime I keep turning off the radio just so I can hear it better. I am now dreaming of a built motor. You are the best!


Review by Mark (Posted on 11/1/2013)
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