Career Opportunities at JH Motorsports

JH Motorsports, Inc. (JHM) is a growing company located in Lathrop, CA that designs, manufactures, and sells performance and OEM replacement parts for Audis and Volkswagens. We sell online and over-the-phone retail but are also a full service, performance and repair shop. For Audis and Volkswagens, we perform everything from regularly scheduled maintenance to transmission rebuilds to supercharger kit installations. Additionally, about 80% of our service work is performed on S4s and RS4s. We are not your average service shop!

We are always accepting resumes from hardworking, dedicated, and passionate individuals. If you love performance automobiles and want to turn that love into a career at the home of the world’s fastest Audis, email your resume and a cover letter to with your first and last name in the subject line. Alternatively you may drop off your resume at our location in Northern California. We’re at 14150 South Harlan Road in Lathrop, CA 95330.

We offer full benefits including medical insurance, dental insurance, and a 401k program. Medical and Dental are available on the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment. You can start contributing to your 401k immediately. After a 90 day probationary period, you will become permanent if your performance is to our standards. We can also provide heavily discounted maintenance and/or upgrades to your VW/Audi. Starting salary will be based on the position, our current needs, previous experience, and interview performance.

Not located in Northern California?
Are you not located near JH Motorsports, but are interested in one or more of our available positions? That’s okay! If you are willing to relocate, we are willing to help. We have had employees relocate from as close as Nevada and as far away as Pennsylvania! If this is something you are interested in, we have a two week employment trial available. This allows you to see if relocating to our area may work for you and helps you get a feel for your new career without any large commitments. We have had great success with employees who have relocated after doing the two week trial, so if you are interested in any of our available position(s), please feel free to apply for any of the positions below and notify us that you are interested in the two week relocation trial as well.

Feel free to pass these opportunities on to anyone who you feel would be interested in them!

Sales and Customer Service Associate

We are always looking to hire another highly motivated Sales and Customer Service Associate. As a member of our Sales and Customer Service team, you will help lead our continuing expansion into the Audi/Volkswagen performance and OEM replacement parts market while helping maintain our excellent customer service.

Requirements for the position include:

  • A strong sales background.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Familiarity with both performance and OEM replacement parts.
  • A passion for Audi / Volkswagens and for modifying cars.
  • Knowledge of Audis is a big plus but we are primarily interested in those with Volkswagen experience.
  • A technical automotive background is also a plus and could make up for deficiencies in other required areas.

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you feel you would be a good fit for JHM and what you feel you could bring to the company.


Automobile Technician

JH Motorsports is a team oriented company that succeeds through sharing knowledge and working across departments. Everyone helps each other – down to the salesman and technicians. We are a full service performance and maintenance shop with an extensive range of repair work. We perform manual transmission rebuilds in house along with engine building while still doing our share of timing belt jobs, AC repair, brake work, and regularly schedule service.

We are looking for a technician who can grow with us as we expand our Service Department. All service work is performed from our 4410 sqft 5 bay, 4 lift shop. In addition to this we also have an additional 2 lifts available in our separate 1800 sq ft fabrication shop.

Requirements for the position include:

  • 5 or more years’ experience as an Automotive Technician
  • - Audi and Volkswagen experience is a plus
    - Any other European manufacturer experience will also be favorable
  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certifications
  • - Audi and/or Volkswagen training certificates are a plus (in some cases substituted)
  • A passion for modifying and repairing cars
  • Detail Oriented
  • Quality Conscious

We demand a high level of quality from all employees throughout our entire company. If hired, there will be a 90 day probationary period where we will evaluate your skills and overall level of workmanship. During this time, you will primarily work on cars owned by JHM (2001 Audi S4, 2005 Audi S4, 2008 Audi S5, 2013 Audi RS5, and 2008 VW Toaureg). If your performance on these cars meets expectations, we will then give you the opportunity to move up to general repair and eventually performance builds on our customers’ cars.

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you feel you would be a good fit for JHM and what you feel you could bring to the company.


Shop and Shipping Associate

We are looking for a highly motivated, dedicated, and hard-working car enthusiast to help out our Service Department and our Parts and Shipping Department. This is an entry level position with a large potential for growth. You will have a wide range of responsibilities and learning opportunities.

As an Associate in the Parts and Shipping Department, your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) boxing up shipments for retail orders, preparing orders for shipment, assisting in receiving and checking-in parts from stock orders, and general cleaning and organizing of the Parts and Shipping Department.

As an Associate in the Service Department, your responsibilities will include maintaining the shop to help our technicians perform their work as efficiently as possible. This will include (but is not limited to) cleaning the two service bay/lift areas, emptying the garbage, mopping up, disposing waste (oil, coolant, etc…), and general maintenance of the shop.

Requirements for the position include:

  • A passion for cars, ideally Audi / Volkswagens.
  • Detail Oriented
  • Quality Conscious

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you feel you would be a good fit for JHM and what you feel you could bring to the company.