Audi/Volkswagen Dealer Alternative Services



JH Motorsports is licensed through Audi & Volkswagen with ODIS equipment on-site for FULL Dealer level services. 

JH Motorsports is your premier Dealership alternative for all repairs and services. 



Dealer Level Diagnostics and Technical Service Bulletins:

With ODIS, we have the full capability for deep level dealer diagnostics and have access to Audi and Volkswagen Technical Service Bulletins.


New Keys and Key Pairing:

We can Provide and Pair new genuine keys directly from  Audi and Volkswagen to match your vehicle.

Brand new OEM Keys are cut specifically for your vehicle based on your VIN number.  When the new key arrives, we use ODIS to program and pair your new key to your vehicle. 



Over time Audi and Volkswagen issue software updates for your vehicle's modules.  These updates fix minor bugs or enhance the vehicle's driveability and performance.  We use ODIS to update your vehicle to the latest and greatest software available. 


Component Protection Removal / Module Pairing and Replacement:

Using ODIS, we can replace and pair new and used modules to your vehicle, should the situation arise.  Most newer vehicles have several modules throughout the vehicle and to replace them, they must be paired to the vehicle in order for the module to properly function. 

This is most common with transmission replacements, as the Transmission Control Module must be paired with the vehicle after installation. 


 Additional ODIS Services:

• Airbag Systems

• Navigation/GPS

• Parameter Logging