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Transmission Rebuilt, 0B4 MT (JHM Performance-OEM) for B8 S5 w 4.2l V8

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This is a FULLY REBUILT 0B4 Manual Transmission for the B8 S5 4.2l V8. 

Is your transmission going bad? Do you have synchro issues and gear crunching? Do you have trouble getting into gear? Is your shifter randomly popping out of gear? If you have any of these issues and you want to fix your transmission issues right the first time, this is the Transmission for you! 

Here at JHM, we've been rebuilding Audi/VW/Porsche transmissions since 2006. 

When you purchase this JHM Rebuilt Transmission, we will send you a completely rebuilt 0B4 Transmission matching your specified transmission code with all of the parts in our 0B4 JHM Performance-OEM Rebuild kit.


  • 4 x JHM Performance Carbon Synchros for gears 3,4,5 and 6
  • 1 x OEM Synchro for 1st gear
  • 1 x OEM Synchro for 2nd gear
  • 7 x OEM Selective snap rings for input shaft (we include all sizes so you can match to yours and eliminate downtime by measuring and then waiting)
  • 1 x OEM Mainshaft lockring
  • 1 x OEM Selector shaft seal
  • 1 x OEM Front right output shaft seal
  • 1 x OEM Front left output shaft seal
  • 1 x OEM Front differential cover O-ring
  • 1 x OEM Front case sealing cap
  • 1 x OEM Rear outupt shaft seal
  • 1 x OEM Sealing paste
  • 11 x OEM Rear diff housing bolts (one time use)

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Audi Transmission Rebuilt, 0B4 MT 


About JHM Performance Carbon Synchros:

We have been selling and abusing our JHM Performance Carbon Synchros since 2011. We have been putting them to the ultimate test to make sure they can handle all the abuse we throw at them. We have improved upon the OEM Design featuring an improved coefficient of friction VS OEM which will result in better high RPM shifting. Our oiling grooves will provide better cooling to the synchros increasing the durability making them longer lasting. Best of all, they cost less than OEM synchros making these an incredible bang for your buck, especially for your B8 0B4 Transmission. 


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Transmission Core: If you are purchasing a pre-built core, select the core that you would like us to send you. There are two options.

  • EARLY, 2008-2010 w KMV trans code (bolt on driveshaft connection to transmission - 6 bolts)
  • LATE, 2011-2012 w LPC trans code (splined slip in driveshaft connection to transmission)


NOTE ON DETERMINING YOUR TRANSMISSION TYPE: If you are unsure of the transmission version you have (vehicle built around the year split show in options), you can look for a three letter code on the bottom of the transmission case or email us your VIN to have us look up what trans code your vehicle came with from the factory.


Core Credit and Deductions: When you send your transmission in to be rebuilt or have us send you one in advance and then return your core for a core credit refund be aware of the following.  

  • If your transmission crunches on shifts and depending on how long it was neglected for it is likely the transmission will need a new gear and/or shift collar for that gear.  The retail price of these parts will be deducted from your core or will need to be added to your order if you sent yours in.
  • If your transmission makes noise or growls when going down the road (not when shifting) there could be a major bearing or mainshaft failure that could render your core totally junk and there would be no refund for your core or you would need to purchase one.
  • If your transmission has physical case damage or cracks the cost of replacing a case is usually the amount of the core charge due to all the reshimming of bearings, shafts and the acquisition of a new case.
  • If your transmission shifts without crunching and just doesn't feel as quick shifting as it did in most cases the core is totally credited.
  • There are other things that can be wrong with your core so this is a case by case basis and we only charge what it costs to fix if it is repairable.  But more than 50% of the time there are deductions or parts needed to get the transmission up to our high standards to sell.



**SHIPPING NOTE:** ALL JHM FULLY REBUILT Transmission Cores are shipped EMPTY, i.e. WITHOUT gear oil. Don't forget to add 4x Quarts of either our Red Line or Motul Manual Transmission Gear Oil to your order so you can fill your newly rebuilt transmission for installation.


JHM Rebuilt Transmissions usually ship out from our location 1 to 2 weeks after the order is placed, depending on our current stock. 90% of the time we have these cores IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP! 

REMEMBER: Shipping is not free for this item and we will contact you to collect the costs for freight to your address and you are responsible for costs to ship the core or your transmission to rebuild to us. 

For shipping quotes: Please contact us with your full shipping address (Name or Shop/Business Name, Street Address, Zip Code, Phone Number, Email). We will get you a shipping quote for a Fully Rebuilt Transmission sent directly to your or your shop's address.

This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S5 B8-B8.5 (2008-2017) 4.2l V8 32v FSI
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