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JHM Supercharger Kit for B7-RS4, Stage 1


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Introducing the JHMotorsports Stage 1 B7-RS4 Supercharger Kit!!!


The JHM Stage 1 Supercharger is hands down the most cost effective supercharger solution for the B7-RS4. With common bolt-ons and supporting hardware, we have repeatably achieved mid to high 11 second quarter mile runs, with 117-118MPH trap speeds!! With performance like that, your seemingly unsuspecting four-door German sedan becomes a definite force to be reckoned with.



The JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit is the foundation for the different power levels available for the B7-RS4. With the addition of a smaller pulley, an intercooler, fueling upgrades, or even a built motor along with our software upgrade, you can build off of the Stage 1 kit to meet your power output needs. This Stage 1 Kit features the same supercharger head unit that was on our in-house, record setting 2007 B7-RS4 4.2L FSI that ran an incredible 10.7 second quarter mile at 130 mph. That was at full weight, a complete interior, a complete exhaust system, and street tires!




Our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit for the B7-RS4 will make 80 to 100 wheel horsepower (WHP) over your car's current configuration. Your current modifications, the dynamometer (dyno) used, temperature, elevation, and octane of gas will all effect the exact amount of power gains.


Our Supercharger Kit features a Vortech V3 Si Centrifugal Supercharger Head Unit that is good for up to 800 horsepower! (Unchecked, this amount of power would be too much for a stock RS4 motor. Through our extensive development and testing process, we were able to limit the output of the supercharger to levels safe for the stock motor through hardware and tuning.) The V3 Si blower is a self-contained unit featuring quiet, helical cut gears. The only time you hear noise from the blower is at idle and low speeds. At wide open throttle, you hear nothing but the raw power coming from your JHM Supercharged RS4.


The JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit also includes our JHM Supercharger Mounting Brackets that were designed and are made in-house. These brackets are made from reinforced steel, laser cut, and then powder coated black for a clean installation.


In order to insure the longevity and durability of the belt and pulleys on the RS4, we upgraded the OEM belt and pulleys to a 6-rib system with our JHM 6-Rib Accessory Belt Conversion Kit which includes our Automatic Tensioner Upgrade. This Conversion Kit features 3 JHM Supercharger Kit specific pulleys including an Alternator Pulley, a precision zero-balanced Crank Pulley, and a Supercharger Pulley good for 5 to 7 pounds of boost (exact boost levels will vary depending on your exhaust system, other modifications, and environmental factors).


Due to the compact engine bay of the V8 RS4, we had to locate the Vortech Supercharger Head Unit off of the passenger side of the motor, below the headlight. We created a number of different proprietary parts including our JHM Supercharger Kit Silicone Inlet and Outlet Hoses. The Inlet Hose is made from reinforced silicone to prevent collapse under vacuum. The air intake is filtered through a JHM Supercharger Kit specific K&N high-flow, conical air filter.


We are currently working on JHM Supercharger Kit add-ons that will allow you to use more of the supercharger's power capabilities. Stage 1+ (Intercooled with upgraded fueling and a smaller pulley, safe for stock motors) should be available in Spring of 2016. Stage 2 will require a built motor for engine safety and longevity. Please contact us for more information regarding Stages 1+ and 2 as well as a JHM Built Motor for your B7-RS4.




Here is an article from the Vortech Superchargers Blog regarding our kit for the B6-B7 S4 that uses the same Supercharger Unit! "JH Motorsports Uses Vortech Supercharged Boost to Rocket Their Audi S4 into the 11s..."




Click to enlarge picture
Audi RS4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


Click to enlarge picture
Audi RS4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports




- Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger (Good for up to 800 horsepower)
- JHM Laser Cut Supercharger Mounting Brackets
- JHM 6-Rib Pulley Upgrade, Accessory Belt Conversion, and Automatic Tensioner Kit with JHM 6-Rib Supercharger Pulley, JHM 6-Rib Alternator Pulley, JHM 6-Rib precision zero-balanced Crank Pulley
- JHM Inlet Hose, made from Reinforced Silicone
- JHM Silicone Outlet Hose
- JHM Crankcase Ventilation System
- JHM MAF Housing
- K&N Conical Air Filter
- JHM Stage 1 Supercharger ECU Tune
- Spark Plugs, JHM Supercharger Kit Specific based on the boost levels of this
- JHM A/C Receiver-Drier Relocation Kit including new hoses and JHM Modified A/C Lines for easy, bolt-on fitment
- All bolts, hardware, clamps, and miscellaneous items required for a complete installation




- Our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger kit fits all 2006-2008 B7-RS4s - Sedan, Cabriolet, or Avant.


Some clearancing of your vehicle is required to install the kit:
- The lower quarter of the core support needs to be removed.
- Notching of the bumper support mount points at the frame rail is required.
- Clearancing near the passenger side sway bar mount point is required to accommodate the Silicone Supercharger Inlet Hose.


Finally, due to the location of the supercharger unit under passenger headlight in the front bumper, you will not be able to retain your OEM Passenger Side Fog Light. We include resistors in our kit to prevent the error light from showing up on the display on the dash.




- Air Conditioning Line Modification and Core Charge: We modify 3 of the 4 AC lines on the car to allow for a clean, bolt-on installation. If you would like, we can ship you our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit with modified AC lines for a core charge (see the dropdown below). Once you install the kit and ship your OEM lines back to us, we refund your core charge. If you do not want to incur this core charge, you can send your AC lines to us in advance for modification. Finally, if you plan on removing the AC system from your car entirely, we can omit these items from our kit and discount your price accordingly. Select your preference from the dropdown below.


AC Lines That Require Modification for Installation of the JHM Supercharger Kit:


Click to enlarge picture
Audi RS4 Supercharger by JH Motorsports


- JHM 6-Rib Kit: If you have previously upgraded to the JHM 6-Rib Kit for your B7-RS4, we will credit you towards the cost of your JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit purchase. Select the option that applies to you and provide your Invoice/Order number from your JHM 6-Rib purchase in the Order Comments at checkout.
- JHM Tuned: If you are already JHM Tuned and have our ECU Calibration for your B7-RS4, we will credit you towards the cost of your JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit purchase. Select the option that applies to you and provide your Invoice/Order number from your JHM Tuning purchase in the Order Comments at checkout.
- Flashing Method: With the new, JHM Flashing Server we now have the ability to flash our JHM Stage 1 Supercharger ECU Calibration to your car without removing the ECU. You can either have this done at your local JHM Flashing dealer (call us for a location near you) OR you can purchase a cable and perform the flash yourself. Select your preference using the dropdown below.
- Body Type: In order to confirm that we have an ECU calibration for your specific box code, please select your RS4's body type (Sedan, Cabriolet, Avant) from the dropdown below.
- Country: In order to confirm that we have an ECU calibration for your specific box code, please select your RS4's region (USA - Canada or Rest of World) from the dropdown below.
- Year: In order to confirm that we have an ECU calibration for your specific box code, please select the year of your RS4 (2006, 2007, or 2008) from the dropdown below.




We highly recommend the following supporting modifications to maximize the performance of your RS4 with the JHM Stage 1 Supercharger Kit:
- JHM R-Series Clutch with either the 3R or 5R Disc
- JHM Lightweight Flywheel
- JHM 2.75 inch Exhaust - Downpipes and Cat-Back
- 034Motorsport MAF Hose
- 034Motorsport Torque Mount
- 034Motorsport Motorsport Line Motor Mounts w/ 10mm hardware
- 034Motorsport Transmission Mount



For Flashing Method, select "Flash Myself, SEPARATE POWER CONNECT Cable Purchase Required, CLICK LINK BELOW" if you're going to be buying a cable from us and flashing your car on your own. You'll need to add this option.


and add to your cart after adding the tune, just selecting the option is NOT enough. Make sure you have THOROUGHLY read through the instructions and are confident that you can set your computer up correctly. If you select this option for your tune, you must select a shipping method for your order so we can ship you a JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable. Please select a shipping method once you've added the tuning and the flashing cable to your cart. Instructions for installing the flashing software on your computer will be emailed to you after purchase.


If you already have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable, select "I already have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable." **NOTE: This is a proprietary cable with drivers specific to our Flashing Software so you must make sure that you have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable, NOT just a generic USB Vag Com cable.** After receiving your paid order, we will send you an authorization form which we will use to create your JHM Tuning Flash Browser account and login information. This is the information you will use to access our server and flash your car with the JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable that you already have.


DISCLAIMER: JHM is now using proven flashing technology in order to get our tunes on our customers' cars in the quickest and most convenient way possible. You will be installing a proprietary JHM software that works ONLY with our flash cable (supplemental software such as Microsoft .net may be required). This program is what allows you to detect your ECU part number, fill in your information, select the correct program based on your hardware and then write JHM Tune to your ECU all through your OBD II port. Both of these programs are highly specific when it comes to configuring your computer to run them properly. While every effort has been made to clearly and completely explain this configuration in our instructions, the customer will ultimately be responsible for removing or disabling their own or third party anti-virus software or firewalls that will block the port required for you to log into our flashing server (see the link to our instructions below to determine whether or not this is something you'll be able to do). Basic technical support provided by JHM to help install these programs on your computer, diagnose programs with your computer, and/or internet connection may be subject to an hourly fee. Additionally, if something happens to your ECU during the flashing process, you should be able to restore it using our software. If you are still unable to make the ECU flash properly, you will be responsible for all costs associated with restoring your ECU and fixing the issue.


Requirements for Tune: 
- Windows computer with at least 1 USB (Universal Serial Bus) port 
- Wired Broadband Internet Connection (wireless can be unreliable) 
- JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable (Flash cable length cannot extend beyond 10 ft long unless a powered USB hub is installed in-line. 
- Battery Charger or equivalent power source capable of sustaining a 40 amp charge


You can download and view the instructions HERE to determine whether or not this is something you would like to do.


If you would like to get tuned at our location in Lathrop, CA please give us a call to schedule an appointment! If you'd like to get tuned at a JHM dealer close to your location, you can find one using our Dealer Map by clicking the "Dealers" Tab at the top of this page. You will need to contact your preferred dealer directly and schedule a tuning appointment with them. You shouldn't be charged more than an hours' worth of labor for your JHM Flash.


Our dealer network is large and growing daily. If we do not have a dealer within an hour drive of your location, we will do everything possible to build a new relationship with a shop close to you on your behalf. Please contact us for more information.


For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If you are looking to purchase other products at the same time as your tune, please do so on a separate invoice.



This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi RS4 B7 (2006-2009) 4.2l V8 32v FSI
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