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JHM Supercharger Kit for 2013 and up B8-RS5 w/ 4.2L FSI V8, Stage 3, 3+, and 4



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Introducing the JHM Supercharger: Unleash the Potential of Your B8 RS5 4.2L

Discover the ultimate solution for enhancing the power of your B8 RS5 4.2L with the groundbreaking JHM Supercharger. This revolutionary upgrade offers unparalleled performance gains that transform your unassuming German coupe into an undeniable force to be reckoned with on the road and the track.

The JHM Stage 3-4 Supercharger Kit serves as the cornerstone for a range of power levels available for the RS5 4.2L. This kit lays the foundation for achieving your desired power output levels through the incorporation of dedicated supporting hardware modifications. Notably, the heart of this Supercharger Kit is the same Vortech V3 Si head unit that propelled our in-house 2007 B7-RS4 4.2L FSI to a remarkable 10.7-second quarter-mile time at a blistering 130 mph way back in 2013. Remarkably, this feat was accomplished with full vehicle weight, complete interior, exhaust system, and street tires.+




Our JHM Stage 4 Supercharger Kit for the B8 RS5 will make an additional 130 to 160 wheel horsepower (WHP) and Stage 3+ will make an additional 110 to 130 wheel horsepower (WHP) over your car's current configuration. Your current modifications, the dynamometer (dyno) used, temperature, elevation, and octane of gas will all effect the exact amount of power gains. 

Unrivaled Features and Specifications

At the heart of our Supercharger Kit lies the Vortech V3 Si Centrifugal Supercharger Head Unit, boasting the capability to deliver up to an astounding 775 horsepower. Through our meticulous development and testing process, we've expertly tuned the supercharger's output to ensure it remains within safe limits for the stock RS5 4.2L motor. With helical cut gears, the V3 Si blower operates nearly noiselessly at idle and low speeds, with its true power roar becoming evident at wide-open throttle. The high rpm power feels endless due to the 3.61:1 step up gear ratio in the V3 Si which increases boost as RPM increases.

Crafted in-house, the JHM Supercharger Kit includes precision-engineered Supercharger Mounting Brackets made from reinforced steel. These brackets undergo laser cutting and are elegantly powder-coated in black, ensuring a seamless installation that enhances both performance and aesthetics.


Uncompromising Reliability and Durability

To bolster the longevity and robustness of the RS5's belt and pulleys, we've upgraded the OEM components to a high-performance 6-rib system using our JHM 6-Rib Accessory Belt Conversion Kit (sold separately). This kit incorporates three specialized JHM Supercharger Kit pulleys, including a balanced Alternator Pulley, a precisely balanced Crank Pulley, and a Supercharger Pulley capable of delivering 7 to 8 pounds of boost (boost levels may vary based on factors such as exhaust system, modifications, and environmental conditions).

Acknowledging the limitations of the factory PCV system under boost conditions, we've innovated the Billet PCV System for the RS5 (available as a separate purchase). This upgrade replaces the vulnerable factory components with a singular billet alternative that is fully serviceable, promoting reliability in the most demanding situations.


Design Excellence

In addressing the spatial constraints of the V8 RS5's engine bay, we've positioned the Vortech Supercharger Head Unit on the passenger side, beneath the headlight. This necessitated the creation of a series of proprietary components, including our JHM Supercharger Kit Silicone Inlet and Outlet Hoses. Notably, the Inlet Hose is fashioned from reinforced silicone to prevent vacuum-induced collapse. Incoming air passes through a serviceable conical air filter designed specifically for the JHM Supercharger Kit.

Our JHM RS5 Supercharger Kit proudly features an integrated Air-to-Air intercooler, ensuring optimal IAT management. Our kit averages an IAT increase of only 4c to 7c during a quarter mile pass. Seamlessly integrated behind the grille, this Front Mount Intercooler replaces the factory crash bar while retaining the original oil cooler mounting and tow hook functionality. Our deliberate choice of an air-to-air design ensures a clean installation and consistent performance, free from concerns of heat soak.



Software Progressions Aligned with Optimal Hardware: Unleash the Full Potential

STAGE 3 Software - ECU and TCU (100% stock vehicle ok)

Harness the power of your RS5's potential while retaining its stock catalytic converters with our Stage 3 Software. Achieve remarkable performance improvements, clocking in at 11.3 seconds with a trap speed of 120 mph. Experience the thrill of optimized shift points in the low to mid 7000 rpm range on 91 octane fuel, with the promise of even greater speeds when coupled with appropriate tires. A crucial note: We've strategically set the shift points to ensure the longevity of your catalytic converters, given their predisposition to strain under heightened power levels (though no guarantees are offered).

4-5 psi capable based on elevation, modifications, temperatures, etc.

STAGE 3+ Software - ECU and TCU (JHM Headers required)

Elevate your RS5's capabilities to new heights with our Stage 3+ Software, an ideal match for those opting for HEADERS, absent of catalytic converters or relocated high-flow cats in X or downpipes. Any factory cat deletions are accommodated effortlessly, making this the pivotal alteration. The performance figures speak volumes: Achieve an impressive 11.0-second run at 125 mph, propelled by well-timed shift points in the high 7000 rpm range on 91 octane fuel. This performance is only the beginning; superior tires can enhance your experience further. (Note: We had suboptimal tires during testing.)

A limitation, however, stems from the stock clutch pack featuring a mere 11 clutches (compared to the upgraded JHM R Series R15 clutch pack with 15 clutches). It's worth noting that the S6-S7 4.0t boasts 13 clutches, providing context to this constraint.

6-7 psi capable based on elevation, modifications, temperatures, etc.

STAGE 4 Software - ECU and TCU (JHM Headers and R15 clutch upgrade required)

Embark on the pinnacle of performance with our Stage 4 Software, an endeavor that necessitates both a CLUTCH PACK UPGRADE and HEADERS. Your RS5 will flourish without catalytic converters or relocated high-flow cats in X or downpipes. The potential is undeniable: Achieve a blazing 10.85-second dash at an impressive 127.91 mph, complemented by shift points optimized in the mid 8000 rpm range on 93 octane fuel. For those seeking even greater performance.

We highly recommend embracing the JHM R Series R15 clutch pack upgrade, showcasing an impressive 15 clutches. This upgrade stands as a testament to our dedication to maximizing your RS5's capabilities. However, the clutch pack upgrade mandates a minimum of 13 clutches to unlock its full potential with this software.

 7-8 psi capable based on elevation, modifications, temperatures, etc.





- Vortech Centrifugal Supercharger (775 horsepower capable)

- JHM Laser Cut Supercharger Mounting Brackets

- JHM Inlet, Outlet and Throttle Body Hose Kit, made from Reinforced Silicone

- JHM Custom Passenger Side Bumper Bracket

- JHM Stage 3, 3+ or 4 Supercharger Software (supporting hardware dependent)

- JHM Front Mount Intercooler integrated into crash bar for an easier install

- JHM Low Profile Conical Air Filter

- Performance Vent To Atmosphere Valves

- New Factory spec Spark Plugs to ensure optimal performance

- All bolts, hardware, clamps, and miscellaneous items required for a complete installation



We highly recommend the following supporting modifications to maximize the performance of your RS5 with the JHM Supercharger Kit:

  • - JHM RS5 2.75 inch Headers
  • - JHM 2.75 inch Exhaust - Downpipes and Cat-Back
  • - JHM Lightweight DSG Flywheel
  • - JHM Lightweight Front/Rear Rotors
  • - JHM Front/Rear Big Brake Kit
  • - JHM Billet Inserts (Trans, Diff, Driveshaft)
  • - JHM Billet Inserts (Trans, Diff, Driveshaft)
  • - JHM Driveshaft Center Support Bearing Carrier Insert - Billet Upgrade Kit
  • - JHM R15 DSG Clutch Pack Upgrade


Estimated Installation Time: 12-14 Hours

Your journey towards harnessing the exhilarating power of our Supercharger Kit begins with an estimated installation time of 12-14 hours. Our skilled technicians ensure a meticulous installation process that guarantees the finest results.

Precision Clearancing Requirements

Please be aware that the installation process necessitates certain clearancing procedures on your vehicle. This includes targeted modifications to the passenger frame rail mounting pad for the bumper support bracket, the bumper support bar at the rear, and the core support. Rest assured, a pre-clearanced and fortified passenger side bumper support bracket is thoughtfully included within the kit, streamlining the installation experience.

Innovative Crash Bar Replacement

Our Supercharger Kit involves the replacement of your factory crash bar with our ingeniously designed crash bar featuring an integrated front mount intercooler. This enhancement significantly enhances performance and contributes to the overall transformation of your vehicle. Our crash bar has no safety ratings and you install at your own risk.

Adaptive Cruise Control Considerations

Should your vehicle be equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, a necessary step involves its removal and coding out using VCDS. Detailed instructions for this process can be readily provided, ensuring a seamless transition. Furthermore, we are diligently crafting an ACC compatible bracket, highlighting our commitment to comprehensive compatibility.

Optimal Performance: Coil Packs, Injectors, and Carbon Cleaning

As a pivotal recommendation, we strongly advise the consideration of new Coil Packs and Injectors, both of which we conveniently stock. It's worth noting that these components are particularly vital for vehicles exceeding the 60K Mile range. Moreover, during the Supercharger installation, we propose a Carbon Cleaning procedure for optimal performance. FSI Engines inherently face carbon buildup concerns, which, if ignored, can lead to significant performance setbacks. Our attentive approach safeguards against such issues, guaranteeing a transformative driving experience.

Prepare to embark on an installation journey that surpasses expectations, with every aspect meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and driving pleasure.



For Flashing Method, select "Flash Myself, SEPARATE POWER CONNECT Cable Purchase Required, CLICK LINK BELOW" if you're going to be buying a cable from us and flashing your car on your own. You'll need to add this option.


and add to your cart after adding the tune, just selecting the option is NOT enough. Make sure you have THOROUGHLY read through the instructions and are confident that you can set your computer up correctly. If you select this option for your tune, you must select a shipping method for your order so we can ship you a JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable. Please select a shipping method once you've added the tuning and the flashing cable to your cart. Instructions for installing the flashing software on your computer will be emailed to you after purchase.


If you already have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable, select "I already have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable." **NOTE: This is a proprietary cable with drivers specific to our Flashing Software so you must make sure that you have a JHM POWER CONNECT Cable, NOT just a generic USB Vag Com cable.** After receiving your paid order, we will send you an authorization form which we will use to create your JHM Tuning Flash Browser account and login information. This is the information you will use to access our server and flash your car with the JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable that you already have.


DISCLAIMER: JHM is now using proven flashing technology in order to get our tunes on our customers' cars in the quickest and most convenient way possible. You will be installing a proprietary JHM software that works ONLY with our flash cable (supplemental software such as Microsoft .net may be required). This program is what allows you to detect your ECU part number, fill in your information, select the correct program based on your hardware and then write JHM Tune to your ECU all through your OBD II port. Both of these programs are highly specific when it comes to configuring your computer to run them properly. While every effort has been made to clearly and completely explain this configuration in our instructions, the customer will ultimately be responsible for removing or disabling their own or third party anti-virus software or firewalls that will block the port required for you to log into our flashing server (see the link to our instructions below to determine whether or not this is something you'll be able to do). Basic technical support provided by JHM to help install these programs on your computer, diagnose programs with your computer, and/or internet connection may be subject to an hourly fee. Additionally, if something happens to your ECU during the flashing process, you should be able to restore it using our software. If you are still unable to make the ECU flash properly, you will be responsible for all costs associated with restoring your ECU and fixing the issue.


Requirements for Tune: 
- Windows computer with at least 1 USB (Universal Serial Bus) port 
- Wired Broadband Internet Connection (wireless can be unreliable) 
- JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable (Flash cable length cannot extend beyond 10 ft long unless a powered USB hub is installed in-line. 
- Battery Charger or equivalent power source capable of sustaining a 40 amp charge



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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi RS5 B8-B8.5 (2011-2015) 4.2l V8 32v FSI
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