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JHM Solid Short Throw Shifter B8 A4/A5/S4 and S5, 2008 - on



B8 A4/A5/S4 and S5 Solid Shifter

If you desire the ultimate in shifting, the JH Motorsports B8 A4/A5/S4 and S5 Solid Short Throw Shifter is the perfect solution. This shifter replaces the OEM metal/plastic shifter shaft with a solid steel weighted shifter shaft while replacing the OEM plastic ball / socket assembly with a steel spherical bearing as well (Industry Exclusive). This will give you a more mechanical race car feel when shifting while eliminating the numbness felt with the stock shifter. Simply put, you will have crisper, cleaner and smoother shifts while reducing the throw at the same time. So if you want the ultimate shifting experience and not just a cheap extension for your B8 A4/A5/S4 and S5 then the JHM "Solid" Short Throw shifter is just for you.

B6/B7 S4/RS4 Solid Shifter, Linkage & Bushing

JHM steel shifter shaft (1/2" shorter than stock), JHM solid pivot assembly (Industry Exclusive), OE type lower link with 2 holes for throw adjustments, New pushdown reverse springs (stock (plain), medium (silver) and stiff (gold)). Retains stock shifter knob.

COMES COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED (retains pushdown reverse) Ready to be installed into your factory base.

B6/B7 S4/RS4 Solid Shifter

Our B8 A4/A5/S4 and S5 specific shifter is configured as follows. 1/2" shorter knob height with 35% and 20% reduction settings (you adjust as needed, ships in the most popular 35% setting).

B6/B7 S4/RS4 Solid Shifter, Linkage & Bushing

Additional pushdown reverse springs included for those aggressive drivers that have the tendency to accidentally push the shifter down while shifting. Comes assembled with the stock like soft spring (plain) installed which is similar to stock and it also comes with a medium (silver) and stiff (gold) spring to tailor to your liking.


Also check out the video supplement and tool list HERE

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S5 B8-B8.5 (2008-2017) all
Audi S4 B8-B8.5 (2010-2016) 3.0t V6 24v SC
Audi A5 B8-B8.5 (2008-2016) all
Audi A4 B8-B8.5 (2009-2016) 2.0t TFSI
Customer Reviews (6)
Wow! This feels amazing. The shifter was installed on my 100k mile 2010 b8 and I can't believe that I didn't do this sooner.

The install was straightforward, although I experienced minor challenges connecting to the linkage that I assume to be linked to the age of the car and the fact that I live in the Northeast. After 20 minutes, I decided to remove the black steel component and attach it to the car separately and then reassemble the the shifter. Total install time 2hrs and worth the additional steps to complete.
Review by Daniel (Posted on 9/12/2016)
Great PRODUCT!!! When paired with the JHM solid shift/linkage rod, enjoy the sensation of a crisp/solid shifting experience. I have the JHM light weight crank pulley, JHM solid linkage rod, and JHM short shifter installed on my 2008 Audi S5, and I can honestly say," THESE MODS ARE EVERYTHING!!!". All 3 play a significant role when increasing drivability and they make the car even MORE enjoyable to drive!!!! Installation was simple and straight forward. AWESOME PRODUCT!!! Review by Martez (Posted on 4/19/2016)
I love the tight feel of this shifter. The stock one is sloppy by comparison. It's in a 2014 S5. Not being very handy, I had my mechanic install it, so I can't say how easy it is, but he had no complaints. Review by Terence (Posted on 11/28/2015)
After driving the S5 i had just bought loved it but gear lever was a let down sometimes going into reverse instead of first and only 60,000ks did'nt feel positive put in the JHM S/T shifter so good positive short shifts pleasure to drive now totally you have to try one Review by Tom (Posted on 10/1/2015)
After just 3 days of ownership, my wife and I agreed that the stock shifter on our '09 S5 had to go. It was rubbery, numb--choose your adjective--and felt oddly disconnected. It wasn't that the throws were too long--we really didn't find them to be an issue--it was how the gears engaged that felt so wrong. So--after researching the various Audi forums--I decided JHM had what we needed. I especially appreciated the ability to choose the amount of throw reduction--as well as the different spring choices for reverse push down.
JHM's shipping was fast and their communication excellent--the shifter arrived well packed and in good condition. First impressions were positive--this is a very well made piece, beautifully machined and nicely weighted. Installation was straightforward--if you can follow the video instructions(which are very thorough) you can do the install. A word of warning here: our factory shift surround would not budge by following the technique shown in the video. I had to resort to using plastic trim removal tools to get the surround pried loose from the console. If you're patient and take the time to protect the surrounding trim with tape you'll have no problems. An extra set of hands would have been nice. Once that was accomplished--the install was simple and the final adjustments took about 10 minutes while watching the video. You'll know it's right when the 1-2 shift feels perfect.
So was it worth the $ and the time? Absolutely! The shifts are crisp--there's no fumbling for gears--and we finally feel connected to the gearbox. We chose the smallest amount of throw reduction--and it's about 15% shorter than stock--which we really like. The shifter comes with the soft reverse spring installed--and I see no reason to change it. Feels just right. BTW--I inspected the stock shifter pretty closely once it was out of the car--and I found absolutely no wear after 40k miles. So it isn't that we were replacing a worn out piece--we're replacing a bunch of plastic with a much higher quality mechanism. This the first mod we've done to the car--and it really has transformed the driving experience. I highly recommend it!
Review by Dean (Posted on 2/20/2014)
I ordered this shifter on a Monday afternoon with overnight shipping, removed the old shifter once mine shipped, and had the new one installed early the next day. Total installation time was about 1-1.5 hours. The online video was extremely accurate and helpful. The alignment took all of about 5 minutes for me using the JHM video instructions and without the angle locator tool.

I used the medium spring and it is noticeably stiffer than stock but not too stiff. The resistance of shifting did not change, even at the 35% setting. The shifter feels a little more mechanical now and shifts as good, if not better, than stock. This is an easy, quick, and relatively cheap mod with instant results. The shifting is a little more like my 991 was, than an A4/S4.

Keep in mind that the brushed aluminum trim is much easier to scratch than the carbon... you must use a towel or something over the top to prevent scratches.

I'm very selective with any mods that I do to my car. I have to feel positive that there will be NO negative repercussions prior to tearing a new vehicle apart. The only other mod that I have at the moment is a Stage 1 GIAC tune.

Overall, the shipping was super fast, the online video is spot on, and the product is adjustable and very solid. I would highly recommend this. I'll just have to see how it does in the long haul.
Review by jason (Posted on 6/11/2013)
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