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JHM Lightweight Flywheel (Chrome-Moly Forged) and Clutch Combo w B7 RS4 Pressure Plate for B7-A4 2.0T

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NOTE: If you want our Alumimum Flywheel combo visit that page and make your purchase there.

The Chrome-Molly Forging allows fewer opportunities for failure and promotes uniform, efficient heat transfer from the clutch disc. This is to prevent warped friction inserts or loose ring gears. It is strategically lightened, stronger, safer and has better thermal capacity than OE cast flywheels. With smooth operation at all RPMs, these flywheels meet the needs of both the enthusiast and the hardcore racer.


• Chatter Free
• Easier engagement from a stop compared to aluminum
• Improved Engagement and momentum when Launching
• One-piece Chromium Molybdenum forging is stronger and more durable than billet steel, aluminum or cast iron.
• Tough, precision-made and dynamically balance
• Lighter and stronger than stock flywheels
• Integral ring gear is induction-hardened for maximum gear life
• Material is properly distributed for strength, greatest heat dissipation and reduced inertia
• CAD-designed, CNC-machined and computer balanced for quality and precision
• Improved throttle response and acceleration
• Smooth operation at all RPM’s
• Optimal mass distribution
• Lead-in chamfers
• Heat treated and tempered
• SFI Spec. 1.1 Certified Design

Flywheel Weight:

OEM: 23lbs
JHM: 15lbs

JHM Flywheel is 8lbs Lighter!



1x JHM Chrome-Moly Forged Lightweight Flywheel
1x OEM Pilot Bearing
6x OEM Flywheel Bolts

NOTE: Flywheel to Crankshaft bolts must be torqued to 65 ft lbs with the use of loctite on the threads


JHM has been testing and abusing the B7-RS4 pressure plate since early 2009. This started with our B6-B7 S4 and B7 RS4 product development. In mid 2009, we purchased a 2005 B6-S4 to compliment our long time R&D car, our flagship 2001.5 Nogaro Blue B5-S4. To this day we still own, daily drive, and test products on our in house B5-S4. Of course this car has the full JHM treatment which now features a JHM built motor with Record Setting JHM RS6-R turbos. This car has been running our new Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch setup (Stage 4) with the B7-RS4 pressure plate for quite some time. We have seen much better results with this new kit than we had with the older B5-RS4 pressure plate setups we used to sell.


In true JHM style here are some videos of some of the abuse we have put this clutch setup through during our R&D process:


NEW VIDEO AS OF December 2012. 10.8 second quarter mile pass with our 2001.5 B5-S4, full weight street car with stock hood and full exhaust. This car has the stage 4 clutch disc and can hold some power.



JHM burnouts and abuse from late 2010 with our B7 RS4 (we have since gone faster all motor). VIDEO -->HERE>
JHM Record Setting Track Run: 11.96 @ 116mph with our Stage 1 B6-S4 Vortech Supercharger Kit on a stock motor. VIDEO -->HERE>


Yes, some of these are videos of our in house 2005 B6-S4 and our B7-RS4, not a B7-A4 2.0T. These videos better demonstrate the performance of this new clutch kit due to the fact that these cars have way more instant torque than the B7-A4 2.0T because of their increased displacement, all motor power design, and no turbo lag. Pressure plate manufacturers use torque - not horsepower - to measure how much power a clutch kit can hold. Torque - not horsepower - is a measurable value. Horsepower is created through torque and revolutions per minute of the motor using a mathematical calculation, not by measuring the force of the motor directly. Therefore torque - not horsepower - is critical when measuring the performance of a clutch and pressure plate.


We looked at these results from our V8 cars and 2.7t cars and thought that we had to get this setup on a B7-A4 2.0T. We wanted to offer our customers the extra durability, streetability, and lower cost of the B7-RS4 pressure plate. Unfortunately, the B7 RS4 pressure plate IS NOT a bolt on part for the B7-A4 2.0T OEM or standard aftermarket flywheels. With our custom made, lightweight flywheel, now it is.


This flywheel is not like others out there. It's not just a cheaply made, mass produced, modified flywheel but a high quality part, made here in California. It's designed specifically to accept the B7-RS4 pressure plate. Have we mentioned that with our proprietary LWFW design, the B7-RS4 pressure plate offers an increased clamp load over previous setups? (We had it independently tested and we found that it has 18% more clamp load than the B5 RS4 pressure plate). It also gives you a lighter and more precise pedal feel leading to all around better drivability in a B5 chassis car.


This Pressure Plate and Lightweight Flywheel combination allow you to power-shift your 2.0T with neck-snapping results! Plus you can have smooth daily drive-ability of an OEM disc and Pressure Plate setup that can hold a 400 plus hp car stock (B7 RS4). So 98% of 2.0t owners will only need the stage 1 version of this kit.


We have already gone 11.1 @ 130mph back in 2007 with a stage 3 S4 using a B5 RS4 pressure plate along with a Stage 3 style clutch disc. We know this new kit is much better than our previous offerings that we had on the car. This pressure plate and flywheel setup has 18% more clamp load!!! That allows it to hold more torque than the old style, B5 RS4 pressure plate setups while still maintaining a lighter, more precise pedal!



 Why a lightweight flywheel? When you reduce the weight of the rotating mass that the motor has to turn, you free up horsepower and make the engine more responsive.


- CLUTCH KIT - These are available in 3 stages. See drop down boxes below for all options and their prices.
-JHM Stage 1 (Full Organic): Good for Stock, Stage 2, Stage 3 2.0T Motors. This is the same clutch material that comes on the B7-RS4 and is capable of holding more power than a stock 2.0T motor can handle.
-JHM Stage 3 (hybrid Ceramic/Metal Backed Organic): Good for all Stage 3, Big Turbo 2.0T stock or built engines.


NOTE: Stage 4 (hybrid Ceramic/Kevlar) Clutch Discs have been DISCONTINUED. If you are looking for a higher performance clutch setup than our Stage 3, we recommend our JHM R-Series Clutches that are more performance oriented and still retain street-ability.


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Audi B7 RS4 Performance Clutch


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NOTE: Clutch break-in is important and must be done properly. You need to do as much city type driving as you can for the first 500 miles the new clutch is in the car. Each time you start from a stop or shift it aids in the break in process. Highway mileage does not count. You also MUST avoid any racing activities, launching, or aggressive driving during the break-in period as this gets the clutch disc too hot. With that being said, you can go full throttle but you just can't speed shift or power shift.


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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi A4 B7 (2005.5-2009) 2.0t FSI
Customer Reviews (5)
Best clutch kit on the market !
I'm in Australia so I don't have many options for aftermarket parts for my Audi ! But even if I did I would go Jhm every day
Great item at a great price and pedal feel is great !
And it will hold all the HP you can throw at it
Can't recommend Jhm enough
Can't wait to see what else theses guys have to offer !
Review by brock (Posted on 8/19/2016)
Just installed my JHM Stage 3 clutch and lightweight flywheel the other day as part of my new engine install. I can honestly say that I am floored by how this clutch performs. I was coming from a competitors stage 4 clutch that also used an RS4 pressure plate (but was modified to fit an A4 flywheel) and I had high rpm lockout issues with it ever since it was installed. With the JHM clutch, the shifter just falls into second at 7k rpm. It shifts like butter now, and a lot of the perceived notchiness is gone. I can now fully enjoy my JHM shifter trio. Big thanks to the guys at JHM (especially Jake) for helping me enjoy my car again! Review by Adam (Posted on 3/27/2016)
This kit is what the A4 B7 should have come with from the factory. Not only is high quality but is way cheaper than going OEM. Jake and Z did a great job helping me placing the order and answering all my questions, when the Audi technicians didn't know how to install the flywheel (because they didn't read the included instructions) all it took was one phone call and the JHM guys took care of it. I wish all my car part purchases where like this one. Keep the great job guys! Review by Roald (Posted on 2/18/2015)
I totally love it, I should of bought it sooner than I have. First aftermarket clutch I ever had and only didn't order it sooner because I was afraid of the quick catch, although now I forget about it. My Mechanic who installed it was TOTALLY impressed with it and so am I.

You can't go wrong with this at all, I research who makes the best parts prior to buying and I am 100% Satisfied with my decision
Review by Mike (Posted on 11/11/2014)
Very impressed with the quality of this setup. I originally was interested in Southbend but they were having trouble shipping their flywheels. After terrible customer service and a month of waiting I decided to go with JHM. I am happy I did. A true quality product! Not to mention it was cheaper and shipped faster than I expected. I will definitely be buying more products from these guys. Review by EUGENE (Posted on 12/29/2013)
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