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JHM Electric Fan Kit V2 (EFK) High or Medium Flow for B5-S4, C5 A6-allroad with 2.7T




REINTRODUCING the JHM Electric Fan Kit (EFK) for the B5-S4, C5-A6, and C5-allroad with the 2.7T!!!

Our completely re-worked EFK for cars with the 2.7T engine features a High-Performance, Ultra-Cool, Hayden Fan. Our newly selected Hayden fan is more powerful and has a lower profile (for better clearance) than the old version. Additionally, this Hayden Fan already has two speeds built into it. The High Flow setting flows 1700 cubic feet per minute and the Medium Flow setting flows 1300 cubic feet per minute. All you have to do is setup the wiring for the fan speed you'd like (High Flow or Medium Flow). We've also upgraded the electrical system in this kit over the older kit we used to sell. Our new kit has a greater amperage capacity of 10 amps over what the Electric Fan Kit runs at. We accomplished this by using thicker gauge wire and a heavy duty relay.

The JHM EFK completely bypasses the stock mechanical fan pulley and fan without the need to get a new belt. This fan kit eliminates the parasitic engine load cause by the mechanical fan and since it only helps to have it on when you're going under 30mph in traffic, in most cases, it's rarely even used! But when it's needed, you (and your motor) will appreciate the increased cool air flow from the High Flow Fan.

High Flow kits are recommended over Medium Flow kits where summer temperatures are above 90 degrees regularly and for people who may sit in traffic with the A/C on for extended periods of time in such heat.

The JHM EFK will come with everything you need for a complete installation of this kit on your car. Additionally, we also include a machined block off plate that installs behind the electric fan and fills the void that is left in the timing cover when removing the mechanical fan assembly. This block off plate prevents debris from entering the area where the timing belt sits. The plate also comes with metal rivets for secure installation. If you need a rivet gun, we sell them on our site under the "Tools and Cables" Section. Or just search "rivet" in the search bar from any page on the website.

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Audi Electric Fan Kit V2 (EFK) High or Medium Flow for B5-S4, C5 A6

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Audi Electric Fan Kit V2 (EFK) High or Medium Flow for B5-S4, C5 A6

The JHM Electric Fan Kit includes the following pieces:
- 1x Hayden 2-Speed, High Performance Fan
- 1x Set of Mounting Hardware for Fan
- 1x JHM Block Off Plate for Timing Belt Cover
- 5x Rivets for installation of JHM Block Off Plate
- 1x Fuse Holder, Moisture-Resistant
- 1x Relay and Harness, 40 amp
- 1x Spool of Red Wire, 12 gauge
- 5x Butt Connectors, Yellow
- 1x Eyelet for Positive Battery Connection, Yellow
- 1x Eyelet for Ground, Yellow
- 1x Spade Connector for Tapping into Factory Signal Wire, Yellow
- 1x Wire Tap or Splice for Spade Connector, Red

Installation pics and notes HERE

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S4 B5 (1997-2002) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi A6 C5 (1998-2004) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi allroad C5 (2001-2005) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi RS4 B5 (1999-2001) 2.7t V6 30v
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Perfect fit on my 99 a4 b5 2.8 30v
Since the blocks and 90% of the parts are the same, went right together with no issues. I did have to put it on a toggle since the fan was only coming on when it was super hot. I leave it on all the time in the high setting and it works perfect Review by Flipside (Posted on 7/23/2018)
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