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Oil Check Valve Replacement Kit (OEM) for B6-B7 S4, C6 A6 and C5 allroad w chain 4.2L 40v

SKU: OEM-079103175CKit


This kit is assembled by JHMotorsports with 100% OEM parts.

This kit includes everything you need to replace the oil check valves on the top end of the B6-B7 S4 and other timing chain, non-FSI V8 engines (C5-allroad, C6-A6, A8 and others). These check valves are located underneath the motor's "valley pan" beneath the intake manifold. They help to keep oil in the top end of the motor when the engine is off. When the engine is on, the pressure in the oil system causes these check valves to open, allowing oil to flow past them to the top end of the motor. When the engine is off, these check valves close, preventing oil from draining down from the top of the motor.

When these valves fail, they can stick open or never fully shut which allows oil to drain down from the top of the motor to the bottom. When the top end of the motor is starved for oil like this it can cause a louder than normal cold start chain rattle. This is because the chain tensioners or adjusters need oil pressure to properly tension the chain. For anywhere from a split second to a few seconds (depending on how badly stuck open the check valves are) there is no oil pressure at these tensioners until it is built up by the oil pump in the motor.

Since the tensioners cannot properly build tension on the chains, they slap around on the plastic guides until they are tightened. While this does put extra wear on the plastic guides, the failure of these valves is not the reason for the chain rattle or other timing chain issues in the B6-B7 S4 4.2L V8. The reasons for that include the weak plastic guide that we have updated to a reinforced aluminum guide and mechanical adjusters that wallow out preventing proper tension to be applied to the chains. We have our JHM Mechanical Adjuster Sprockets to fix this issue.

So, while we do recommend replacement of failing oil check valves if they are no longer holding oil in order to prevent further damage to your timing system, fixing only these oil check valves and not addressing other issues like wallowed out mechanical adjusters or a cracked timing chain guide or guides will only prolong the serious failure of your motor.

Parts Included:
2x Check Valve for Oil (2 required)
1x Check Valve for Oil or Oil Spray Jet
1x Gasket for Valley Pan
1x O-Ring for Oil Filter Housing, Double D
1x O-Ring for Oil Filter Housing, Single O

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S4 B7 (2005.5-2009) 4.2l V8 40v
Audi S4 B6 (2003-2005) 4.2l V8 40v
Audi A6 C6 (2005.5-2011) 4.2l V8 40v
Audi allroad C5 (2001-2005) 4.2l V8 40v
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