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JHM RS7-R Turbo Upgrade for C7 S6-S7-RS7 and D4 A8-S8 4.0T

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JH Motorsports is proud to release our NEW RS7-R Turbocharger Upgrade for the Audi C7 S6-S7-RS7 and D4 A8-S8 4.0T FSI!



  • 100% Drop-in OEM Fitment with Factory Appearance
  • Over 10% More Flow Over OEM IHI RS7 Turbos
  • Compressor Wheel: Aerospace Grade A2618 Billet Aluminum - Lightweight & High Strength 
  • Compressor Wheel: Ultra-Flow 11-Blade Garret Design
  • Turbine Wheel: Aerospace Grade 718 Nickel Inconel - Lightweight & High Strength 
  • All Internal Components Meet or Exceed OEM Standards - Manufactured to JHM Specifications by Melett
  • Multi-Step Balancing Process: Each Wheel is Statically Balanced, CHRA Then Receive a Low-Speed Balance, Then Before Final Assembly, a High-Speed VSR Balancing is Performed
  • All Units are Final Machined, Assembled, & Balanced in the USA


JHM RS7-R  VS OEM IHI from S6-S7-A8 4.0T Side By Side Comparison:





 NOTE:  Due to the high risk of turbocharger failure outlined in TSB-2044640 (Oil Screen Clogging) we HIGHLY recommend installing our Stainless Braided Turbo Oil Line and Screen Relocation Kit.  This is a serviceable Screen that will ensure your new turbos do not get starved of oil due to a clogged OEM Screen.  We do not recommend running without an oil screen as that will still allow debris in your oil to enter your turbo and possibly cause damage. 

Search for our kit using SKU: JHM-079115175G-TSB-2044640

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***Warranty information:***
JH Motorsports, Inc. (JHM) will warranty any failure due to manufacturer defects for 12 months after the purchase date. In the event that a turbo purchased directly from JHM is not performing to manufacturer specifications, the turbo will have to be sent to JHM for Warranty Inspection. The inspection process can take 4 - 6 weeks to complete. If the customer does not want to wait for Warranty Inspection to complete, the customer will be responsible for purchasing a replacement until the warranty review process is complete. Immediately upon receipt of the malfunctioning part and all proper documentation, the part will be sent out for Warranty Inspection to our supplier. After the part is received by our supplier we will wait to hear from them as to whether the item failed due to manufacturer defects or for other reasons. The most common reasons for a warranty claim to be rejected include, but are not limited to: oil pressure and/or feed lines with excess sludge or deposits in them (thus releasing deposits into the turbo and causing failure), oil pressure and/or feed lines that are plugged or partially plugged (thus restricting oil to or from the turbo causing failure), damage caused due to improper installation, poorly maintained engines that have oil sludge and deposits that get released into the new turbo. If the suspected defective turbo is determined to be truly defective by our manufacturer, the customer will be sent a replacement or refunded for the amount of the replacement purchased in advance as stated above. JHM is not responsible for any of the shipping and handling costs associated with the Warranty and Exchange process. JHM is not responsible for the labor costs associated with the install of these items or the labor costs associated with the replacement of defective parts, regardless of the outcome of the Warranty Inspection. For further information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.


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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi A8 D4-D4.5 (2011-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
Audi RS7 C7-C7.5 (2014-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
Audi S6 C7-C7.5 (2013-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
Audi S7 C7-C7.5 (2013-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
Audi S8 D4-D4.5 (2013-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
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Health and Safety Code § 43000:
43001. The provisions of this part shall not apply to:
(a) Racing vehicles.

As the aforementioned code sections outline, it is against the law to operate or use a vehicle on public streets or highways with modified, altered, or disconnected motor vehicle pollution control devices. This may include but is not limited to, Evaporative Fuel Controls, Catalysts, DPF, PTOX, PCV Systems, Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems, Oxygen Sensors, Thermostatic Air Cleaners, Air Intake Systems, Fuel Injectors, Regulators, Adjustable Cam Gears, ECU Programming, Mapping, or other Computer Modifications. Air Pumps, Air Injection, Timing, and any other Emission System Modification(s).

Purchaser acknowledges and certifies to JH Motorsports Inc., that Purchasers vehicle will only be used for racing applications or off road vehicle use only. Purchaser requests these modifications for the purpose of enhancing the vehicle for competitive Racing Applications and will not use this vehicle on public streets or highways. Purchaser agrees to indemnify JH Motorsports Inc., all employees, officers, owners, and subsidiaries for any civil or criminal liability arising out of use of Purchasers vehicle on public streets or highways as Purchaser has been duly notified of the laws and regulations regarding disconnecting, alteration, or modification of a vehicle’s pollution control devices. Purchaser understands and has been advised the driving of a vehicle on public streets or highways could result in criminal or civil penalties.

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Warning: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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