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Harness for Ignition Coil Wiring Repair (034Motorsport) for 4-wire Coil Audi-VW 1.8T

JHM HD Linkage Cross Rod Upgrade for 02-03 B6-A4 3.0L w/ 01E Transmission (NO CORE)
Exhaust - Headers - JHM Longtube (Stainless Steel) for B6/B7 S4


NOW WITH V-band connections from the header to the mid pipe for easier install and more clearance.

Introducing the JHM 4.2L V8 Stainless Steel Longtube Header Kit for B6/B7 S4.

As of 3/24/14 these headers will take 1 - 3 months to ship from the date the order is placed.

These headers are "TUNED" precisely for the displacement, rpm and power range of the Audi 4.2l V8. What does "TUNED" header mean? This determines the size and length of the pipes for each cylinder and the collector design. To determine this we take in account the full flow characteristics of the heads and also leave room for growth in our design, so when you do other future improvements for power and better flow they will optimize them.

This is a COMPLETE replacement for the restrictive stock exhaust manifolds and downpipes. Connects directly to JHM or FI cat back exhaust that is not necked down for stock downpipes. NOTE: Some systems require a little welding to aleviate restrictions and to mate to our 2.5" mid pipe if they were previously necked down to bolt to stock downpipes.

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For a video of them in action watch go (the Blue Avant is equipped with Catless JHM headers) --> HERE


Fits all B6/B7 S4s with the 40 valve 4.2L V8. (Does NOT fit B7 RS4)

1 - JHM stainless steel passenger side header w v-band
1 - JHM stainless steel drivers side header w v-band
1 - JHM stainless steel drivers side mid pipe w v-band
1 - JHM stainless steel passenger side mid pipe w v-band
2 - OEM Exhaust manifold gaskets
3 - OEM Exhaust manifold studs (to replace the 3 bolts removed)
3 - OEM Exhaust manifold nuts (to replace the 3 bolts removed)
2 - V-band clamp connections for the mid pipes for easier install and more room (NEW!)

-Catalytic Converters: From the drop down box below you can select No Catalytic Converters - Best Performance or Race Catalytic Converters(Spiral Metallic Substrate) - Better performance.
-The primary O2 sensors need to be lenghtened. Choose from the drop down box below if you plan on lengthening your own or if you want to buy a new pair of JHM lengthened primary 02 sensors.

General Installation Notes
-First and foremost the engine MUST be lowered substantially and or removed for the install of these headers.
-If you did not purchase longer front 02 sensors from us, you MUST lengthen the primary (front) 02 sensor wires to reach the new 02 sensor location at the header collector. They should be lengthened by about 2 to 3 feet, if not done properly you WILL have issues with how the car runs. It is important to use high quality wire, solder all the connections and put protective covering over the wires. Or use high grade style butt connectors that require to be heat shrinked once completed (not the cheap ones at car parts stores but the good stuff found at electronics stores).
-When routing the front and rear 02 sensors further back it is VERY important you secure them so they don’t rub on anything or are close to the pipes to burn through, zip ties work really well for this. It is also important that the 02 sensors that are plugged in on the drivers side (both front and rear) are hooked up to the header and mid pipe on the drivers side and then do the same for the passenger side.
-Torque all nuts on the header to block mounting studs to 25Nm or 19ftlb.
-Once you install our additional studs you will have studs and nuts for ALL of the mounting holes.
-It is difficult to get to the lower nuts on the headers so you will need to get to those first and use tools like crows feet and gearwrench box end wrenches. Then put the mounts back on once the headers are fully secured and tightened.
-The Alternator may have to be removed to gain access to install the headers then reinstalled once completed. Some cars need the alternator coolant pipe slightly bent as well for clearance.
-Header wrap: It is HIGHLY recommended to wrap the headers in the area where the stock manifolds were located to keep heat from the factory wiring, motor mounts, alternator and coolant pipes. You should only have to go about 1 foot at most past the end of the motor since the factory downpipes were not shielded and these travel along the same path.
-Cat back connections, fitment and power gains: Our longtube headers and mid pipes are the EXACT same length as the stock and are in the same location as stock BUT they are a larger 2.5” diameter. So depending on your cat back manufacturer (they may have necked it down to fit the stock 2.125” downpipe) you may have to cut several inches off your cat back if it was necked down. This is VERY important, if you spent this time and money to put these on the car, having a necked down exhaust will LIMIT the power gains. Also for maximum performance we highly recommend a JHM cat back or any other quality dual 2.5” cat back with an X-pipe and straight through style mufflers. 2.25” systems and systems with H-pipes will limit the power gains.

NOTE: Like ALL aftermarket catalytic converters these downpipes are technically not legal in the state of California and other states (check your state laws for details). In California ONLY stock catalytic converters are technically smog legal. All others are not since the DO NOT have a CARB E.O. number.

More Catalytic Converter info: The Race cats tend to do pretty good for reducing HC and CO but are a little limited with Nox reduction, but obviously flow better than OE style cats. Once again none of these are considered smog legal in the state of California and some other strict states, but this is the case with all the current downpipes out there. We have found that they will pass the tailpipe test depending on the year and cat used here in CA, but obviously the visual would fail here in CA.

For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Note: JHM works hard to make all fitment charts as accurate as possible please read the product description to make sure this is correct for your vehicle.
Make Model Year Range
AudiS4 - B62003 - 2005
AudiS4 - B72005 - 2008

Available Options:
2.5" SS exhaust clamps (PAIR) fo:
Catalytic Converters:
Primary 02 Sensors:
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 April, 2009.

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