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Rotor Hone Attachment or Flex Hone for Drill Gun

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Are you experiencing some vibrations or pulsations during light braking? Did you just install new brake pads and rotors? It's possible your rotors were not bedded correctly after installation. This will allow small amounts of pad deposits to build up on the surface of your rotors. During light braking, your brake pads make uneven contact with the surface of the brake rotors due to this deposits. This uneven contact leads many people to believe that their rotors are "warped" even through they are not.

This Rotor Hone or Flex Hone attachment for your drill gun is a cost effective way to remove the deposits from the surface of your rotors and give them a fresh surface to bed the pads in again. See our note below for more information regarding proper rotor bedding technique.

Rotor Bedding Procedure: Bedding in your brake pads to your rotors is accomplished by getting the car up to high speeds and braking as hard as you can without making the ABS come on. During this process, DO NOT fully stop. If you hold the brake pedal while stopped you will concentrate heat in one spot of the rotor and possibly damage the rotor or make pad deposits stick in that one spot. You need to do several stops like this until you get brake fade (you have to push harder than the first pull to get the car to slow down.) Usually 4 to 6 stops do the trick but as much as 8 can be required. After this, drive around with little or NO braking to get the rotors cooled. If you must brake, do so lightly. After about a mile of this driving, stop to let the brakes cool for about 15 minutes. Do not keep the brake pedal pressed or put the parking brake on. The rotors should have no visual deposit spots, have a slight blue color, and should look even and smooth. This indicates a good bed-in procedure.

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