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Exhaust - Cat-back - JHM B7 S4 Stainless Steel 2.5" w X-Pipe by FI


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JHM Cat Back Exhausts are MADE TO ORDER products built by Fast Intentions. They should ship in 6 - 8 weeks from the time your order is placed.

These Cat Backs fit Sedans and Avants ONLY The cat backs don't fit the Cabriolets due to the extra structural components under the car to help make up for the missing roof. FI can do them locally in Southern California. However some people have bought the cat back and had either themselves or a local fab shop do some final adjustments (hammering or cutting and welding) to clearance some items. This is not recommended.

NOTE: If you have a B7-S4 "25quattro" Edition S4 with two, single outlet exhaust tips, please go back one section and select the B6-S4 Exhaust by Fast Intentions. At the bottom of the product page, select the dropdown for Yes to make sure you get the properly sized and fitted Cat-Back for your Special Edition "25quattro" S4.

Why did JHM decide to sell Fast Intentions Cat Back exhausts instead of making their own? Well after we went 12.97 @ 109.1mph in the quarter mile (fastest all motor time) with a car we tuned with a Fast Intentions cat back we knew the system performed in the real world. We even made some of our own cat backs for local customers to see if we could extract more power. However, we found that no matter what we did we could not outperform the Fast Intentions cat back. So if you can't beat em, join em. So we are now proud to offer Fast Intentions cat back exhausts with X-pipes and optional resonators.

Why 2.5" piping diameter? After much testing and calculations based on the 4.2L 40v V8 engine's demands it is the optimal size. With a 2.25" exhaust you leave yourself no room to grow with more mods. We have also found with a 2.5" cat back torque is not sacrificed and the top end gains and the room for growth far outweigh going with a limiting 2.25" cat back.

Why an X-pipe? Time and time again in just about any car with a Naturally Aspirated V8 there is always more power made with a X-pipe. So why leave any power on the table with a car that doesn't have the luxury of turning up the boost? Bottom line: X-pipes just scavenge better thus creating more power. They also tend to make the car have a cleaner more refined sound. Pic of the X-pipe -->HERE

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Audi Exhaust, Cat-back B7 S4 Stainless Steel 2.5 X/Pipe

Includes: Complete cat back exhaust system with dual 2.5" stainless piping and 2 free flowing Mufflers (FI or JHM style). Mounting Hardware included.

- B7-S4 DTM Package: If you have a DTM B7-S4, select "Yes" from this dropdown below. This special body kit on these cars requires our exhaust system to be shortened a little bit for the best fitment in the bumper. There is no extra cost for this option, we just need to know when we're building the system.
- Downpipe connection: Select from the drop down box below if need a 2.5" connection to the downpipes to directly fit our Fast Intentions 2.5" downpipes (should fit other popular 2.5" downpipes with no or minor modifications). Or select the necked down ends to bolt up to OEM style downpipes or piggie pipes with stock pipe diameter.
- Resonators (14"): Select yes or no from the drop down box below.

Video: B6 S4 with the standard resonated Fast Intentions Cat Back and piggie downpipes. (NOTE: B7 S4 sounds almost identical since they use the same muffler and only have different tips.) -->HERE

Video: B6 S4 (quarter mile runs) with the standard resonated Fast Intentions Cat Back and Fast Intentions Catless Downpipes (NOTE: catless downpipes are noticeably louder)-->HERE>

Video: B6 S4 (quarter mile runs and burnouts) with the standard resonated Fast Intentions Cat Back and Fast Intentions Catless Downpipes (NOTE: catless downpipes are noticeably louder)< -->HERE>

Chart from quietest to loudest.
1. Standard FI muffler with resonator
2. Standard FI muffler without resonator

SHIPPING NOTES: PRICE INCLUDES GROUND SHIPPING IN THE LOWER 48 STATES (USA) VIA UPS. NOTE: A small amount on top of this will be added at the shipping options page, make sure you pick ground (shipping weight is configured as only 1lb for this item). This was required to make the shipping prices more actual based on the VERY large box size and what FI charges us.
CALL US OR EMAIL US FOR OTHER SHIPPING QUOTES. Also If you are near FI and want them to install it choose "local pickup" and we will get FI paid and they will contact you to arrange the appointment and give you labor quotes.

For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S4 B7 (2005.5-2009) 4.2l V8 40v
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