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JHM Cleaned, Flowed and Resealed injectors (set of 4) for Audi and VW 2.0T FSI

Front Rotors (pair), JHM 2-piece Lightweight for S6-S8 V10

JHM Drive Train Stabilizer (DTS) for B5 A4/S4 and C5 A6-allroad

$315.00 $285.00

JHM used a DTS on the JHM record setting full interior K04 car and RS6-R car. See videos of this record setting run on our videos page by clicking the tab above.

FITMENT: Fits 1997 to 2001 B5 A4, 1997 to 2002 B5 S4 and 2000 to 2004 C5 A6(Manual Transmission and 2.7T engine only). It also fits 2000 to 2004 allroads with manual transmission and 2.7T engine only (additional bracket purchase required, select option from below.)

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Audi Drive Train Stabilizer (DTS) for B5 A4/S4 and C5 A6

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Audi Drive Train Stabilizer (DTS) for B5 A4/S4 and C5 A6

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Audi Drive Train Stabilizer (DTS) for B5 A4/S4 and C5 A6

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Audi Drive Train Stabilizer (DTS) for B5 A4/S4 and C5 A6

For years we have been a big proponent of the DTS bar coupled with the JHM upgraded poly DTS mount for proper drivetrain stabilization for the demanding driver. The problem in the past has always been a high price and the soft rubber mount included. We now have the solution for both. The issue with the rubber mount with brand-x kits was that it just allowed the drivetrain (including the shifter which is attached to the transmission via linkage rod) to move forward and backwards too much. The rubber mount issue with current units that made the bar almost useless for hard launching, drag racing or heavy accel/decel road racing type driving was our biggest complaint. So JHM introduced the Polyurethane mount upgrade many years ago to help reduce this forward and backward movement. And NOW to help with price we decided to introduce our own bar with the polyurethane mount included FREE of charge. So you no longer have to buy the DTS then the $40 mount upgrade. Along with including a free mount we redesigned the bar for durability. Over the years we have found that the brand-x bars small screws that held the cross bar in place would eventually strip out if removed and reinstalled too many times, we even ran into several customers whos bars were stripped bad enough that their bolts would fall out and require expensive threaded insert repairs. We solved this with the use of a interlocking design that uses one larger bolt per side and gets its strength due to the tongue and groove style. So enough about our new bar, lets get to the details of this group buy.

The JHM DTS is a straight bolt on upgrade using factory mounting points already on your car. NO cutting or welding needed!

The JHM DTS is designed to clear all OEM and aftermarket downpipes that are routed in factory locations and uses high quality materials with a FREE Polyurethane mount included for maximum forward/backward movement reduction while aiding in some of the up and down movement as well.

NOTE: Being that you are adding an extra mounting point for your transmission with a Polyurethane mount to help prevent movement of your engine and transmission little to no vibration will be felt vs. stock. I personally haven't noticed a difference and most of our customers say they don't notice it as well with the poly mount installed. Some hyper sensitive people may notice a tiny bit of vibration over stock and if this bothers you, you probably shouldn't be modifying your car anyways.


Allroad Adapter supplement: -->HERE

OPTIONS: Use drop down box below to select.
-Allroad Adapter Bracket: Select yes below if you have an Allroad.


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Note: JHM works hard to make all fitment charts as accurate as possible please read the product description to make sure this is correct for your vehicle.
Make Model - Chassis Engine
AudiA4 - B5 (1996-2001)all
AudiA6 - C5 (1998-2004)2.7t V6 30v
Audiallroad - C5 (2001-2005)2.7t V6 30v
AudiRS4 - B5 (1999-2001)2.7t V6 30v
AudiS4 - B5 (1997-2002)2.7t V6 30v

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 13 August, 2008.

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