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Exhaust - Downpipes - JHM C5-allroad 4.2L "piggies"

$550.00 $395.00

Why did JHM decide to offer "piggie" downpipes? First and foremost these modified OEM downpipes have been tried and true for the B5 S4 since the early 2000s before anyone made an aftermarket downpipe option. They were and still are a great low cost power upgrade for the B5 S4. Since we have dealt with them for years in the older B5 S4 we wanted to bring this simple yet effective downpipe to the C5-allroad 4.2L platform. For the past 2 years now they are a JHM proven modification for the C5-allroad 4.2L.

With the pre cat removed (used primarily for cold startup emissions) and the main cat being a high flow spiral cell style cat from the factory the power gains through the whole power band are quite noticeable. These downpipes allow the engine to breathe better than stock and help power while still retaining a stock look. We also relocate the secondary 02s to behind the main cats so you will NOT get any dreaded "catalyst efficiency" codes and a check engine light.

Another great benefit to the "piggie" pipe over stock is the slightly more aggressive sounding exhaust note. So if you have a C5-allroad 4.2L with an aftermarket cat back exhaust already or a stock cat back and it is a little too quiet with your stock downpipes then these are a great way to help get that true V8 sound out of your existing cat back.

Includes: Both OEM modified "piggie" downpipes with OEM main cats and relocated rear O2 sensor bungs. NOTE: The rear 02 sensors need to be relocated behind the main cats, the stock rear O2 wires are long enough if done properly. See a pic of where they go -->HERE. NOTE: this is a B6/B7 S4 installation, however the C5-allroad 4.2L will look quite similar.

-With or Without Cats: With Cats the stock main cats remain (same configuration as our car that went 13.03 in a B6/B7 S4. ) Or we can fully remove all of the catalytic converters for a catless downpipe which will allow more performance above 5000rpm. There is an additional charge to remove the main cats as well. Also with NO cats you will get a check engine light for the catalytic converter efficiency, this will not affect performance but will turn on the check engine light.
-Core charge: If you can't afford to have your car apart long enough to send your downpipes to us for modification we do offer them already complete. You just pay a core charge, we send you a set then when you ship yours back to us we credit you back the core charge. (NOTE about cores: You may receive a pair of main cats with different mileage than the ones on your car if you opt for the core option. Example, if your car has only 30k miles an you buy them from us with a core charge then we could be sending you downpipes with 15k, 20k, the same, 50k or 75k+ miles.)

NOTE: Since the pre cats are removed as part of the modification technically these downpipes are not legal in the state of California and some other states (check your state laws for details). In California ONLY stock catalytic converters are technically smog legal, you can't remove any of them. However JHM has found that the emissions out the pipe do pass the California emissions test and the pipes do pass the visual. If you opt to have all the cats removed the emissions will be too high out the pipe. Obviously JHM still sells these as an "off road" use only downpipe.

Shipping and core returns: All shipping is calculated based on shipping from our location in California (no exceptions) to you.

For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Note: JHM works hard to make all fitment charts as accurate as possible please read the product description to make sure this is correct for your vehicle.
Make Model - Chassis Engine
Audiallroad - C5 (2001-2005)4.2l V8 40v

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 May, 2016.

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