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JHM TD05H-R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit (SS LOG MANIFOLD) TUNER KIT for B7-A4 2.0T

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2020 UPDATE!  THERE IS A NEW CAST MANIFOLD OPTION FOR A LOWER COST KIT with the same performance! See our other CAST MANIFOLD product page.


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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4


The JHM B7-A4 2.0T TD05H-R Turbo Kit is the ultimate performance solution on the market for the B7-A4 2.0T. With common bolt-ons and supporting hardware we have been able to achieve repeatable 12 second quarter mile times making JHM the first ever company to break the 12 second quarter mile barrier in a B7-A4 2.0T! That is a huge jump compared to the 15.5 to 16 second bone stock quarter mile runs!


Word's FIRST B7-A4 2.0T in the 12s! Running 12.87 Seconds at 106.3MPH in the quarter mile!



B7-A4 2.0T TD05H-R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit Video



We have been working extensively on developing the B7-A4 2.0T platform and creating products that deliver proven real world performance. One of those products that really stands us apart from the competition is our performance ECU calibrations. Our stock turbo (K03) tuning completely revolutionized the B7-A4 2.0T. We brought our extensive experience and the latest advancements in ECU calibration for the Audi FSI Engine. By changing hundreds of calibration parameters we have delivered a dynamic driving experience bringing more power in areas previously considered not possible. With our JHM B7-A4 TD05H-R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit, we have once again pushed the envelope a step further bringing you power comparable to the almighty B7-RS4 4.2L FSI V8.


In addition to being the most cost effective turbo solution on the market, this Stage 3 package has been optimized to be used on a 2.0T FSI engine with STOCK internals. That means that you do not have to spend money on extensive engine builds to be able to reap the power benefits that our turbo kit has to offer!


This kit has the capability to be pushed much further than a stock engine can handle leaving plenty of headroom for those looking to build their engines and really unleash the power that this kit is capable. (Achieved with just a simple software update!) While testing the strength of the OEM connecting rods and engine durability with a software update, we managed to easily run mid 12 seconds with over 110MPH trap speeds!




- JHM TD05H-R Turbo
The JHM TD05H-R Turbo is built around the iconic TD05H-20G Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) that is capable of flowing up to 640 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) making this the ideal turbo upgrade for your B7-A4 2.0T. It will significantly increase top end power while maintaining low and mid-range responsiveness making this turbo perfect for both street and track use! The compressor and turbine housing have been carefully selected to be able to retain OEM like fitment within the engine bay so you are able to retain your OEM of aftermarket MAF Hose and Airbox!



- JHM Exhaust Manifold
The JHM Exhaust Manifold is manufactured in house right here in the United States at our Lathrop, California facility! With performance, durability, and fitment in mind this manifold was built using Schedule 10 piping and in house CNC machined flanges to offer OEM like turbo placement and the strength to withstand extreme exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs). This log-style exhaust manifold is able to flow exhaust gasses with just enough restriction to aid with quick turbo spool without compromising top end performance!


- JHM Silicone Hoses
We manufacture high strength silicone hoses that allow the turbo and exhaust manifold to function in the OEM turbo location. With these hoses you do not have to do any custom modifications to your intake or vacuum hose system. These silicone hoses are reinforced 4-Ply designed to withstand increased boost pressures!


- JHM Stainless Braided Lines
We build high quality stainless steel braided oil and coolant lines that allow you to seamlessly use the OEM feed and return ports on your engine block without having to perform any custom modifications. This allows for quick and easy installation and reduces the risk of installation error.






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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4


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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4


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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4


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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4


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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4


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Audi TD05H/R Stage 3 Big Turbo Kit w/ Tune & Fueling, B7/A4




- JHM TD05H-R Turbo
- JHM Exhaust Manifold
- JHM Reinforced Silicone Hoses
- JHM Stainless Braided Lines (Oil and Coolant)
- Performance Diverter Valve
- Hardware and Gaskets
- Connectors and Fittings




In order for the JHM Stage 3 TD05H-R Big Turbo Kit to operate under the specifications called for by our performance software, a Turbo Back Exhaust (TBE) system is REQUIRED. A TBE consists of an aftermarket Testpipe (TP) or High Flow Cat Pipe (HFC), Downpipe (DP), and Catback (CB). Optimal TP/HFC or DP sizing is 3 inches in diameter. Optimal CB sizing is dual 2.5 inches or larger. If your current TBE does not meet or minimum requirements, please go back one section to add our TBE components to your shopping cart.




We highly recommend professional installation for this turbo kit. Please go to our Dealers section on our website to see if there are any dealers in your area who can perform this installation. If you would like to see if you can perform this installation yourself, please take a look at our installation instructions and notes to use your best judgment on whether or not you have the skill and tools required to perform this task.


Click here for installation instructions --> JHM B7 A4 TD05H-R Installation Instructions



 Our JHM TD05H-R Big Turbo kit fits ALL 2005.5-2009 - B7-A4 2.0T FSI Avant, Cabriolet, and Sedan in both Automatic or Manual and FWD or quattro.


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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi A4 B7 (2005.5-2009) 2.0t FSI
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