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ER Side Mount Intercooler Kit for B5 S4


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Largest dual side mount intercoolers ever produced! Perfect for those who want near FMIC performance but want to keep the stock look and their fog lights.
Features a colossal 360 cubic inches each intercooler for a combine 720 cubic inches. Each intercooler features a high density bar and plate core that is 10"x8"x4.5" in size and has 15 charge rows each. Through extensive testing of different types of intercooler cores (tube & fin, bar & plate) we found that the high density bar and plate core to be the most efficient. Independent testing has shown that our FMIC is so efficient in cooling that it has cooled intake air temperatures (IAT) to almost ambient (outside) temperatures! Recovery is just as impressive. Lift the throttle to shift and IAT's drop instantly to temperatures before your run. That kind of performance is unbeatable! That's why in such a short time, our DSMIC upgrades are known as the best DSMIC upgrades available for the B5 S4!

B5 S4 Intercooler ER Side Mount

B5 S4 Intercooler ER Side Mount

Kit Features
1. Large 10"x8"x4.5" (13.5"x8"x4.5" with end tanks) High Density Bar and Plate Construction Intercooler Core.
2. Improved end tank design over factory. The new end tank design completely replaces the lower "S" intercooler hose on the driver's side factory intercooler. New design improves throttle response and decreases turbo lag.
3. Replaces all OEM intercooler hose with aluminum hard piping for improved throttle response.
4. Intercooler piping features beaded, silicone "hump" hoses, and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.
5. Maintains ALL factory components, i.e. fog lights, smog pump, horn, water squirters etc... Does not require any modification to the bumper cover or fenders. Belly pan can be retained with no modifications.
7. Includes all hardware needed for installation.
8. Automatic S4 versions are available.
9. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

- Transmission: Automatic or Manual. See dropdown box above

NOTE: Most of the SMICs do come cleaned out buy every once in a while one needs a little bit of cleaning. Due to the manufacturing of intercoolers (cutting and welding) it is recommended that you make sure your SMICs are cleaned out by blowing compressed air through them or running a hose with water through them to make sure any missed particles are cleaned up. If you use water make sure you get all the water out and they are fully dry before installing. It also helps to blow the water or air both directions to get anything caught on either side of the core.

NOTE: As of 2016 these are now made to order and can take 2-3 weeks before they can ship.

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S4 B5 (1997-2002) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi RS4 B5 (1999-2001) 2.7t V6 30v
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If I upgrade from stock SMIC's for a Stage 3 build, will I need to purchase new shrouds?