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Turbo Inlet Hose, High Flow Silicone (034Motorsport) for B8-A4 2.0T

SKU: 034-145-A028-BLK
Introducting the B7-A4 2.0T FSI High Flow Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose from 034Motorsport!

The OEM rubber turbo inlet boots do an okay job on a stock B8-A4 2.0T, but once you start turning up the boost and increasing performance, you start to have problems. Due to it's lack of reinforcement, it is common to see the stock hose collapse under the vacuum created by the turbo's suction. The OEM rubber hose is also prone to cracking and leaking with age, which can throw off the readings from your Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF).

034Motorsport has designed and manufactured this High Flow Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose to address these issues. Since their hose isn't corrugated and maintains a larger inner diameter than the stock hose, it can flow more air than the OEM hose and the air flows through it much smoother.

This hose is a direct replacement for your stock unit. It is constructed from high quality, automotive grade silicone using 4 layers of reinforced nylon. It includes hose clamps.

- Fits all B8 (2009-2016) Audi A4 & A5 2.0 TFSI models with the stock airbox or APR Carbonio Intake System.

- Available in Black

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi A4 B8-B8.5 (2009-2016) 2.0t TFSI
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