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JHM TCU (Tip Chip) or Automatic Trans Tuning for B7 A4 (2006-2009 ONLY)


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JH Motorsports is pleased to offer the JHM TCU Automatic Transmission Tuning for the B7 A4!! (Years 06-09 Only)

The JHM TCU Tuning for your Automatic B7-A4 makes your Tiptronic Transmission shift faster and harder. We firm up the shifts to give a clean and crisp gear change that is faster and firmer than the stock characteristics but still not too abrupt. We feel our JHM TCU Tuning makes the car shift how it should have from the factory. It gets rid of the sloppy and slow slipping of the OEM TCU calibration and replaces it with firm, crisp, shifts. This allows you to get the most out of your Tiptronic B7-A4 by allowing you to put the power to the ground faster.

Our TCU Tuning not only speeds up the shifting on upshifts JHM also modifies the downshifting characteristics and the behavior in "Tip Mode" to make the car more performance oriented while still being very streetable. We also improve the downshifting as well, we have been told it feels "less clunky".In our development for the TCU tuning we made a few different calibrations that could make the transmission shift harder, but we found that this made the car feel too much like and old muscle car, and less like an Audi.

When you increase the power of the vehicle, the slipping and sliding of the OEM calibration will prematurely wear out the transmission. While it may be comfortable, the slipping of the transmission means that all of the clutch packs in your transmission are doing more work and slipping more, wearing out faster. The faster and firmer shifts prevent this wear by decreasing or eliminating the slipping.


As of 2015, all 06-09 B7-A4s must come to JHM to be tuned. We are working on remote flashing capability for the B7-A4 TCU. Please select the year of your car. Once you've added the tune (and any other items you'd like to order) to your cart, please proceed to checkout where you'll be prompted to select a shipping method. Please select "Local Pick-up" So you do not have to pay for shipping, since the TCU software is not ship-able. After If you're ordering items in addition to your TCU tune, please let us know if you would like us to to install these parts when you call us to schedule the TCU Tuning installation.

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi A4 B7 (2005.5-2009) 2.0t FSI
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