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01E 6-speed Full Rebuild Kit (OEM) w/ OEM Updated 1-2 Collar

SKU: OEM-01E311239L-kit


NOTE: We now offer a FULL 01E Rebuild Kit with our JHM Performance Carbon Synchros for a MUCH lower price than OEM synchros while providing better performance. Please go back to the "Transmission Parts" Section of our store and look for our "01E 6-Speed Full Rebuild Kit (JHM-Performance) w updated 1-2 Collar".

Fits all 01E transmissions with the EDU (B5 S4), FZY, DSY, FZV, FDP(B5 RS4), FTU, FTG and FZW trans codesNOTE: The B6 A4 with the 3.0l V6 in 2002 and 2003 only have the 01E transmission and use this kit. All 04 and up 1.8t and 3.0l A4s have the 01x-02x transmission and require a different kit.

If you want to fix it right the first time and completely reseal your transmission and have all fresh synchros then this is the kit for you.

INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING OEM synchronizer rings (6) w updated 1-2 synchronizers included - OEM synchronizer springs (6) - OEM input shaft seal - OEM output shaft seal - OEM front output shaft seals (2) - OEM selector shaft seal - OEM case gasket - Rear Tailshaft Housing O-ring - Front Differential O-Ring - Selector Shaft Cover O-ring - also a new OEM updated 1-2 shift collar (outer collar only, the inner collar never fails, if yours is locked up just press it apart.) This is the part that causes 1st and/or 2nd gear to lock up when it fails.

OPTIONS: If you do not need the complete kit or need just the parts to make a repair please email for pricing. We do not offer them separate without talking to our customers. We want to speak with you and make sure you get exactly what you need.

6TH GEAR OPTIONS: If you are looking for better fuel economy and/or a higher top speed in 6th gear, there are two options we sell. Go back to the "Transmission Parts" section and select the "01E-Higher 6th gear for better fuel economy and higher top speed". The stock 6th gear is .68 and yields about 3000rpm at 80mph. The .60 Overdrive option yields about 2650rpm at 80mph and the .56 Overdrive option yields about 2450rpm at 80mph. These gears are high quality OEM gears direct from Germany, and are not available from Audi dealers in the United States. We have many other ratios available for the other gears as well. (Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery on the gears, depending on current availability.) Click HERE for our 6th gear RPM vs. MPH chart



Link to the contents of the kit and recommended tools:-->HERE

The retail price on these from a dealer as of 2-28-07 is $1975.64 if you can get them to help you and not just try to sell you a complete tranny. And of course you get the JHM exclusive trans rebuild DVD.

NOTE: Kits usually ship out from our location within 1 to 4 days depending on our current stock.

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This product fits the following vehicles:
Make Model Chassis Engine
Audi S4 B5 (1997-2002) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi A6 C5 (1998-2004) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi RS4 B5 (1999-2001) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi allroad C5 (2001-2005) 2.7t V6 30v
Audi A4 B6 (2002-2005) 3.0l V6 30v
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