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Headlight Switch (URO) w Automatic Headlights for B6-B7 A4-S4

Carbon Cleaning Tool Kit (JHM) for ALL FSI, TSI and TFSI Direct Injection Engines

Wheel Stud and Nut Kit (034), M14 (each)


Wheel nut and stud combo, M14x1.5 threads, Grade 8.8 with Zinc plating. Supplied in 4 lengths:

NOTE: All wheels OEM and aftermarket have different thicknesses. So the following guidelines are just an aid and if you are concerned with having a long enough stud, it is always good to get the next longest size.

-2" which we recommend for all applications w/o a spacer but also gives room for a thin 5mm spacer as well in some cases.

-2.5" which should accomodate a spacer up to 10mm safely in most cases

-3" are recommended for any spacer up to 20mm to 25mm in most cases, but also for race cars where longer studs allow faster wheel changes and options for virtually any spacer configuration.

Fits all Audi application with M14 threaded hubs, cone seat for most aftermarket wheels, Ball seats for OEM wheels. Take note, don't be fooled by companies offering Porsche Ball nuts, they have a much wider diameter seat that does not fit correctly in VW/Audi wheels and essentially damages the seating surface.

For 2.0" stud, lower threads are .45" (12mm) long, upper threads are 1.5" (38mm) long

For 2.5" stud, lower threads are .4" (10mm) long, upper threads are 1.7" (43mm) long

For 3.0" Stud, lower threads are .46" (12mm) long, upper threads are 2.2" (56mm) long

Great for any application and many wheel spacer kits. Once installed with your specific wheel you can measure how much exposed thread there is past the stud and this is the thickest spacer you could run safely. We recommend these over the shorter ones since they have the largest flexibility and it doesn't matter that they have extra thread past the nut. It is actually safer this way.

Priced per 1 stud and 1 nut, a 4-bolt per wheel car will need a total of 16 pieces, a 5-bolt per wheel car will need a total of 20 for the whole car.

NOTE: On some cars the stud may go through the wheel hub too far when bottomed out and keep the wheel from spinning (basically it will rub on some of the wheel bearing mount bolts). So please check to make sure the wheel turns freely before assuming it is ok. If it sticks out the back too far, you can cut the back side off just enough to make clearance (be careful not to cut too much, the studs MUST be at least flush with the back of the flange). Or you can use loctite and back them out a turn or so until you have clearance and the loctite will keep them from coming loose when you pull the nuts off.

For shipping quotes: Please sign in or join then put the items you want in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Note: JHM works hard to make all fitment charts as accurate as possible please read the product description to make sure this is correct for your vehicle.
Make Model - Chassis
AudiA4 - B5 (1996-2001)
AudiA4 - B6 (2002-2005)
AudiA4 - B7 (2005.5-2009)
AudiA6 - C5 (1998-2004)
Audiallroad - C5 (2001-2005)
AudiRS4 - B5 (1999-2001)
AudiRS4 - B7 (2006-2009)
AudiS4 - B5 (1997-2002)
AudiS4 - B6 (2003-2005)
AudiS4 - B7 (2005.5-2009)
VWPassat - B5 (1998-2005)

Available Options:
Lug Nut Seat Type:
Stud Length:
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 March, 2009.

MAF Hose (034 4-ply Silicone) for B7 RS4

Silicone Sealant (VW Audi Specification) -70ml Tube - Reinzosil

Mass Airflow Meter and Housing, MAF (OEM-BOSCH) for TT 225hp, AMU

Oil Filter (MANN) for B6/B7 S4 and C5-allroad w chain 4.2L

Check Valve / Y - Updated (OEM) for B6-B7 S4

Coil Pack - Updated (Bremi-OE Supplier) for B6/B7 S4 and C5-allroad w chain 4.2L

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