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Subframe Bushing Kit, Rear (034Motorsport) Billet Aluminum for B6-B7 A4-S4-RS4

JHM -12AN Conversion Oil Pan Adapters for B7-RS4
Transmission Service Kit for Automatic-Tiptronic (OEM) B7 A4-S4

NOTE for 05.5 B7 S4: The 05.5 B7 S4 sometimes has the B6 S4 paper style gasket and pan, the VIN split has been inconsistent at times. If you have a 05.5 please count the pan bolts to confirm. The B7 S4 has a rubber/metal style pan gasket with only 13 holes and is not interchangeable with the 23 bolt paper style pan gasket on the B6 S4 and some 505. B7 S4s.

These JHM Automatic Transmission Service Kits come with everything you need to service the transmission in your B7-S4 or your B7-A4. You save money too!

Why service your Automatic Transmission?? Well like in a manual transmission an Automatic Transmission has a clutch. It actually has multiple "clutches" organized into clutch packs. In each of the clutch packs are multiple friction plates. The problem with this is that just like a clutch in a manual transmission or brakes (another friction material), is that the material is worn off due to friction during each shift. With a manual transmission this just sits in your bellhousing and builds up as dust. With brakes it just builds up on your wheels and brake parts which is no big deal and doesn't wear any parts out prematurely. However, in an automatic transmission where the clutches are covered in fluid the dust particles have nowhere to go. They get into the transmission fluid which the filter should technically filter out. However after roughly 40k to 75k miles the filter just can't collect any more dust particles or it just can't filter as well just like any other filter as it ages. Even though the fluid itself is not worn out, it gets dirty. This means that you basically run dusty friction material through your transmission which will shorten its life. Even though most newer transmissions are said to use a "lifetime" fluid and/or require no servicing, we still see this dust and build up in transmissions we take apart.

So why not clean all that dusty friction material out get some fresh fluid in your transmission? Why not put a fresh filter in too! A new transmission is EXTREMELY expensive and the bottom line is that it is cheaper to keep clean fluid and a good filter in your transmission than replace it. With that being said, this won't make it last forever since it does have clutches that wear out, but at least it will protect your transmission bearings, seals, and bushings from excess wear and get the longest service life out of your transmission as possible.

JH Motorsports has put together this kit with all OEM parts. It includes an OEM Transmission pan gasket, OEM Transmission filter, and 5 Liters of OEM transmission fluid.

Fits B7-S4s and B7-A4s with the 6-speed Tiptronic Automatic Transmission and the 13 bolt metal/rubber style gasket. JHM recommends performing this service every 40k to 75k miles depending on driving style, conditions, etc.

NOTE: The gasket in this kit is a metal/rubber style gasket with 13 bolt holes and fits transmission codes JJE, NJX, HYK, HYH, JTR, and HYL in the B7-S4 and B7-A4. If you have a early 05.5 B7 S4 and want to make sure you didn't get the B6 S4 style transmission in your car it is safest to confirm the transmission code or to get under the car and count your bolts on your transmission pan. The B6 S4 has a paper style pan gasket with 23 holes and is not interchangeable with the rubber/metal pan gasket with 13 holes for the B7-S4 or B7-A4. Audi is famous for having bleed overs that are not documented in their parts interchange software.

NOTE regarding fill capacities:
The total fill capacity of this 6-speed transmission is 9 liters (9.5 quarts). However, if you are just pulling the pan to do a transmission service (drain and refill) it usually takes 5 liters (5.3 quarts) that is why we supply 6 quarts in this kit. If your car has been apart this can require 1 to 2 more quarts for a while due to drain back from the converter. In some cases, we have seen these conditions require as high as 7.4 quarts. If you were also replacing the valve body at this time, plan on needing up to 7 liters (7.4 quarts). If you were installing a new torque converter or new transmission you would most likely need 7.5 to 9.5 quarts since the torque converter holds almost half the fluid. If you need more fluid we sell it in this section.

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Note: JHM works hard to make all fitment charts as accurate as possible please read the product description to make sure this is correct for your vehicle.
Make Model Year Range
AudiA4 - B72005 - 2008
AudiS4 - B62003 - 2005
AudiS4 - B72005 - 2008
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 03 May, 2010.

Gear Oil for Rear Diff 75w90(Synthetic) Red Line 75w90 -Quart

Coolant - Antifreeze (Lifetime) OEM replacement - 1.5 Liter

Oil Change Kit (JHM) Lubro-Moly (5w40) for B6/B7 S4

Power Steering Fluid (Synthetic) OEM replacement - 1 Liter

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Exhaust - Headers - JHM Longtube (Stainless Steel) for B6/B7 S4

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